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How do I disconnect bank account feature?

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QuickBooks Team

How do I disconnect bank account feature?

Welcome, @1305.


Thanks for coming to the Community for help. I can walk you through the steps in disconnecting the account from the bank feeds in QuickBooks Online.


Before we proceed with the process, make sure to add and match all the pending transactions in the Banking page. Please take note that disconnecting the automatic online banking updates will delete any transactions in the For Review tab.


After that, follow the steps below to disconnect the account:

1.    Go to Banking on the left pane, then select Banking at the top.
2.    Choose the account you want to change, and then click Edit (pencil icon).
3.    Click Edit account info.
4.    In the Account window, check the box next to Disconnect this account on save.
5.    Hit Save and Close.



Here’s an article for more information: Disconnect or delete an account from the Downloaded Transactions page.

That should get you pointed in the right direction. Post again in the Community if you have any other questions about bank feeds, I’ll be more than happy to help.  Take care and have a great day!

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How do I disconnect bank account feature?

How would this work if the checkbox is not there, it simply shows its linked to an account, but no checkbox exists for the disconnect?



QuickBooks Team
QuickBooks Team

How do I disconnect bank account feature?

Let me provide a possible reason and workaround for you to disconnect the bank account, kcwebby.


This happens when your bank is in the process of being updated or updating in the background. Cases like this, we recommend to wait a few hours or even overnight.


Then, refrain from accessing the Banking center.  If the account begins the "update" process the option to Disconnect will not be available.


In the meantime, edit the account through the Chart of Accounts to disconnect it in QuickBooks Online (QBO).


Please keep me in the loop if you need a hand with managing bank transactions or any QBO related. I'm determined to ensure your success.

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How do I disconnect bank account feature?

What would you advise if an account has been "Updating" every time you access banking for the last 3 weeks?

Candice C
QuickBooks Team

How do I disconnect bank account feature?

Good Afternoon, @DramaticDevice


It's great to see you back in the Community. If the bank account has been trying to update for the past three weeks, then I recommend contacting our Customer Support Team. They'll be able to do a screen share with you to walk you through some additional steps to help resolve this problem. 


Here's how: 


  1. Go to the Help icon. 
  2. Click the Contact Us button. 
  3. Type in your question and press Let's Talk
  4. Scroll down and choose to Get a callback


Let me know how it goes. I want to make sure that all of your concerns are addressed. Bye for now!

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How do I disconnect bank account feature?

Hello, I accidentally did this and now need to reconnect my account on save.  How do I do this?  It is a credit card.  It still shows up in my chart of accounts but now will not bring in current charges or let me categorize anything.  Please help!


How do I disconnect bank account feature?

No problem, AlainaClarkWeinstein.


You can reconnect it from the Chart of Accounts to start bringing in current transactions. I'm glad to show you how:


  1. Go to the Accounting menu and select Chart of Accounts.
  2. Find the account you want to connect to.
  3. Select the View register ▼ drop-down in the Action column.
  4. Pick Connect bank.
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions.

QuickBooks automatically downloads transactions so you don't have to enter them manually. To refresh and get the latest charges:


  1. Go to the Banking menu or Transactions menu.
  2. Select the Banking tab.
  3. Click Update.

After QuickBooks downloads transactions, you need to approve and categorized them. If you have problems downloading or see errors, here's how to fix them.


Stay in touch with me if you have follow-up questions about connecting a bank account. I'm always around to help you.

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How do I disconnect bank account feature?

That is not an option in the drop down menu.  I have already contacted credit card company and disconnected account on their end and online chatted with someone from quickbooks.  They had me try an different internet browser (tried internet explorer and mozilla) and that didn't work either.  Nothing is working!

QuickBooks Team

How do I disconnect bank account feature?

Thanks for getting back to us here, @AlainaClarkWeinstein.


I have more steps we can try to connect your credit card account. You'll want to log into your financial institution's website. Then, copy the website's URL and go back to your QuickBooks account and connect it.


Here's how:

  1. Go to the Banking tab, then choose Banking.
  2. Click on the Add Account button.
  3. Paste your bank's URL.
  4. Sign in and Connect your account.
  5. Check if you can see the account details without any errors.

After that, add the missing or older transactions into QBO, please check out this guide for the detailed steps: Manually upload bank transactions.


In case you need help with other banking tasks, click this link to go to our general banking topics with articles.


Let me know how it goes or if you still have questions or concerns. I'll be around for you. Take care and have a nice day ahead.

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How do I disconnect bank account feature?

That does not work.  I had already tried that.


How do I disconnect bank account feature?

Thanks for getting back to us, @AlainaClarkWeinstein.


Since the issue persists after following the steps shared by my colleagues above, I highly suggest contacting our Phone Support team this time. They have tools that can pull up your account in a secure environment and check the cause of this odd behavior. They can also perform other troubleshooting steps to help reconnect your credit card account.


Here's how to reach them:


  1. In QuickBooks Online (QBO), click the Help (question mark) icon at the top right.
  2. Select Contact Us at the bottom to connect with our live support.


To learn more about reconnecting credit card accounts in QBO, please refer to this article: Connect bank and credit card accounts to QuickBooks Online.


Please click the Reply button below if you have any other issues or concerns. I'm more than willing to answer them. Have a good one!

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How do I disconnect bank account feature?

Hello, I already did the contact us option and did the live chat with someone for about an hour.  No resolution.   Said it would be escalated and then the left the chat.  Still stuck and not able to use quickbook accurately.

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How do I disconnect bank account feature?

The article will definitely help many, who wanted to have their account deactivated but didn't know how to proceed.


I also have a website filled with  numerous blogs specially with Errors faced by users in QuickBooks, Please pay visit on [removed]

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How do I disconnect bank account feature?

If I disconnect an account save when exit box is checked, and it disconnects that account, will I be able to reconnect that account at a future time? 

QuickBooks Team

How do I disconnect bank account feature?

Hello there, @cardiacgirl01.


Yes, you can reconnect the account any time. I can guide you on how to do it. 

  1. Go to the Accounting menu.
  2. Choose the Chart of Accounts tab.
  3. Locate the bank account you want to reconnect.
  4. From the Action column, select the View register ▼ drop-down.
  5. Pick Connect bank
  6. Follow the onscreen instructions.

Once completed, your transactions will downloaded automatically. You can start reviewing each transactions and assigned categories on it. Also, I'm adding these articles as additional resources on how you can manage your bank transactions:

Always feel free to drop your comments below if you have any questions or concerns. I'm always here to help.

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How do I disconnect bank account feature?

This works, but I do not want the transactions reflecting on my P&L and they still show up. I had two businesses and realized i need a separate QBO for each now....



How do I disconnect bank account feature?

Good day, @robaireym,


I can help you clean up the transaction in your P&L report so you're books are accurate.


If those entries are added transactions from the bank, you can undo and exclude them. To do that, follow the steps below:


  1. Go to Banking menu, then tap the Categorized tab.
  2. Find the transaction and select the Undo link under the action column.
  3. Go to the For Review tab.
  4. Mark the box next to each transaction you want to exclude.
  5. Select Exclude from the pop-up at the top.


Excluded transactions are then moved to the Excluded tab, and won’t be added to QuickBooks or be downloaded again. To permanently delete duplicate entries, put a check mark on them, then hit Delete.



If it was already added in the register, you can manually delete them. The following link will guide you how to remove entries in QBO: Void or delete transactions in QuickBooks Online


Another option is finding a third-party deleter app to remove the data inside QuickBooks. Click this link to our site: QuickBooks Online Applications


If you have further questions about the steps, please feel free to post them here or mention my name. I'll be here to help you manage your QBO transactions. Have a nice day!

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How do I disconnect bank account feature?

Just went through a frustrating 30 minutes trying to disconnect a connected bank account.  I was using Chrome and deleted the cache as suggested and still the check box to disconnect bank account did not show up.   Decided then to go to Safari, sign in and the check box to delete bank account showed up immediately.   Not sure if this was sheer luck or intelligence on my part.  Still loving QBO.  

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