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How do I remove the estimate popup when I am invoicing?

When I attempt to pull up a new invoice for customer it automatically defaults to pulling up active estimates.  I need to remove this associations for all of my estimates.  I understand how to remove them one by one but I have hundreds of them right now and some are years old.  With what we do our estimates are just a tool to estimate jobs and are a placeholder.  I don't usually convert that estimate into an invoice.  My employees are button mashing and it's creating all these extra invoices when they try and invoice customers that are here.

Is there a toggle somewhere in QB preferences that I'm not finding?

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Re: How do I remove the estimate popup when I am invoicing?

This pop-up will appear only if there are open estimates, Twin Orchards.


As a workaround, you can mark as inactive all the open estimates. It prevents from popping them again. Here's how to do this:


  1. Open all the active estimates.
  2. Click the Mark as Inactive button.
  3. Hit Save & Close. Click Yes to confirm.

If you need help with customizing form templates, here's a reference: Use and customize from templates


Let me know if you need more help.

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