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How to change HIGH RISK "Information Changed" message in Invoicing

Since upgrading desktop version to Quickbooks 20 when changing a Class or Rep (2 things that are not constant in our business) when entering a Customer Invoice I keep getting this message which is very unlike the old versions that only asked if you wanted to save the change moving forward. I need to know if there is a way to either change this so it gives other options, or to stop it from showing each time? The fall out of selecting YES that is highlighted by default is GRAVE!!!! In order to save for future use you or forced to select it for PAST as well and it changes ALL prior invoices in the customer's file to match. QB WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?? It was somewhat helpful when the older versions offered to change it moving forward, but to change all dated records so easily is nerve racking because of the massive change it makes to previous records. Not to mention it bogs down any kind of auditing report on ANYTHING that involves that Customer's account.  This means if a new rep or class is introduced for a customer you can not set it for moving forward ONLY which in turn REQUIRES there to always be a "change" message generated for this customer now. For our business there is a need to change these regularly so this message is encountered often. The need to answer this question over and over takes extra caution and time so as not hit Enter accidentally selecting the default answer of YES. I not been able to trust the tab/enter feature that should move it to NO for entering, because it does not turn BLUE when tabbed over only a very light gray and the yes remains BLUE. I am so hoping there is a setting I have not yet found that can stop this message from appearing. If not....QUICKBOOKS CAN YOU PLEASE FIX THIS AND CREATE A WORK AROUND?? Even a selection of past OR future and then both would be SO helpful. The way it is slowing task efficiency of entry down immensely and presents a very HIGH RISK of compromising important data needed to remain as is for past dates.  Even just changing the Default answer to NO is a much better option than yes since YES changes records and NO does not. If you make a mistake accidentally or by hitting Enter too fast it's much easier to go back and correct than if a quick YES changes YEARS of reporting. 

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How to change HIGH RISK "Information Changed" message in Invoicing

Hi there, @ASL30.


Thanks for adding a screenshot and all the data you've given, for me to understand the situation. I'm here to help and provide some insights about the Information Changed prompt you're getting. 


Currently, we're unable to turn this feature off in QuickBooks Desktop and as well as in changing the available options showing. This message window is a default prompt designed to make sure users are aware of the changes made in the transaction. In which this allows you to choose whether to change the current or affect the past transactions. 


To ensure the past transactions will not be affected for the changed made or when creating a new invoice, you can select No to save. I understand how the specific option you're looking is beneficial to your business. Our developers periodically update and release new features for QuickBooks Desktop. They might change how this works in the future. I'd encourage to visit the What's New section on your QuickBooks Desktop, to be updated with our latest news and updates including product improvements or open this link to view our product update blogs.


In case you need help with other processes and workflows in QuickBooks Desktop, feel free to visit its articles. Check them here and look for a specific topic. 


If you've got any questions in managing your data, let me know by commenting below. I am here to help. Have a nice day.

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