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How to I set the FYE date that falls on July 27th

QuickBooks Team

How to I set the FYE date that falls on July 27th

Hi there, @sonja7.


Setting up the fiscal year-end date in Quickbooks Online is just less clicks. I'm happy to guide you with the whole process. 


Here's how: 


  1. Go to the Gear icon, then choose Account and Settings
  2. Select the Advanced button on the left side. 
  3. Hit the Pencil icon perpendicular to Accounting
  4. Pick July in the first month of the fiscal year drop-down. 
  5. Tap Save, then Done


You can always run different reports to evaluate how your business has performed over the last year and support you in settling your taxes. Simply go to the Reports tab, then customize it. 



For more details, visit this article: FAQ: How to use year-end reports


I've also added these articles below about the various tasks for upcoming year-end and advanced settings in QBO.



Let me know if you have follow-up questions by clicking the Reply button underneath. I'm always here, ready to help. Keep safe!

Level 1

How to I set the FYE date that falls on July 27th

Thank you for your reply but I actually new how to do that part. I am specifically asking to set the day of the month so whenever I go to reports I can select Last Fiscal Year and not have to customize the date (day) every time. Is there a way to customize the actual day of the month?

QuickBooks Team

How to I set the FYE date that falls on July 27th

I'll share on how it works in QuickBooks Online, Sonja7.


You can only select the month when you set up the fiscal year. You're unable to select an actual date.


Concerning the reports, you can choose the last fiscal year as the report date. It will base on the month that was set up for the fiscal year. That being said, you'll want to change the dates manually so you can get the actual day of the month. 


I'll share the reference on how to memorize a report so you won't go over to the same customization process: Memorize reports in QuickBooks Online.


We're just around if you have additional questions. Please feel free to reach out to us again. Take care!

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