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How to migrate from self hosted enterprise to hosted enterprise

Please can someone send over a guide for this process. We are having major performance issues, and our accountants are constantly complaining they can work because the system is always crashing. They are also saying things like the product is "infantile", so maybe always having access to the newest features will help the product seem more robust. It would be appreciated if anyone can shine some light on this.

QuickBooks Team

Re: How to migrate from self hosted enterprise to hosted enterprise

I can shed some light on this, Adam12345.


QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise has hosting plans. This helps you run the program anytime, anywhere on any device. I suggest contacting our customer care department for you to avail. Here's how:

  1. Click the Help menu inside QuickBooks.
  2. Go to QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  3. In the Have a Question? window, click Contact Us.
  4. Enter a brief detail about your concern, then click Continue.
  5. Select either Message an Agent or Talk to a Specialist.

With regards to the performance issue, it can be caused by the unstable self-hosting. However, it can also be caused by a damaged hard drive or Windows operating system. I have the article with the detailed steps to fix it. 


Let's tackle the newest features. You can visit our QuickBooks Blog to know the latest news, updates, and features in our products. Although, most Enterprise features are add-ons, like the Advanced Inventory and Pricing. I've got the perfect references that you can check:

You can get back to this thread if you have more questions. We'd be happy to address them. 

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Re: How to migrate from self hosted enterprise to hosted enterprise

hi @Adam12345 ,

Performance issue is always a classic nightmare once we dealt to any application. As long as you didn't find the rootcause, don't expect any remedy. If you don't have any reliable local engineer, migrating to a 3rd party hosting service is a good decision. But if you prefer to keep hosting your data on your own premise and need to access it by internet as well, it will be another case.


Just my 2 cents.