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Robert at Signal
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How to redo/reenter Memorized Group Transaction for Invoices



I'm using QB Desktop 2017 Pro on a PC.


I was preparing the first of the year invoices for my company and I created and entered the starting transaction number.  I then began going through the various memorized transaction groups and entering having them record/enter.  After I was about 90% done, I opened the Print Forms - Invoices to start the invoices printing while I finished up running the rest of the Memorized Transaction Groups and discovered to my horror that the invoices didn't start on the one I'd entered, but instead had seemingly chosen at random a previous invoice to start numbering off of from last month and I now have over 600 invoices that are incorrectly numbered.  


Is there a way to somehow be able to rerun these memorized transaction groups, to get them to number correctly and to get the properly numbered invoices into the system?


Is there a way to pull the incorrectly numbered invoices out of QB without having to manually go into each customer and delete the invoice?


I can't revert back to a prior save of QB as the last one done was over three days ago and we can't lose those transactions.


Any help in saving me 16 hours of manual work would be greatly appreciated.  I can only think of opening up each customer, manually editing that invoice to the correct invoice number then saving it and printing it individually as a solution






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How to redo/reenter Memorized Group Transaction for Invoices

Welcome to the Community forum, Robert at Signal. Thanks for the details.


When creating an invoice, the invoice numbers depend on the first number you've entered in the INVOICE # field. Since QuickBooks automatically follow the sequence. In your case, you've mentioned that you've entered the starting transaction number but it wasn't working properly. It's possible that it's data damage on your company file. 


To help resolve data problems, I recommend checking out this article: Resolve data damage with your QuickBooks Desktop company file.


For additional help, you can reach out to our Customer Support team. They have the tools like screen sharing to guide you with the complete process. Here's how to reach them:

  1. Click Help.
  2. Choose QuickBooks Help.
  3. Click on Contact us link at the bottom.

In case you need tips in the future, visit our QuickBooks Help Articles site. 


Drop me a comment if I can do anything else for you concerning your QuickBooks account. I'd be around to assist. Have a great day.

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