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HSA Company Contributions

The date range for the HSA Pretax and HSA company contribution liabilities doesn't match the pay period for which the liabilities is corresponding to. My client has to create a custom liability payment and manually change the date range to match the payroll period in order to make the HSA contributions to the bank. This is not the case for any other payroll liablity such as  FUTA, SUTA or any other payroll tax liability. How can I get these two payroll items to realign with the rest of the liabilities?

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HSA Company Contributions

Is seems like there may be a solution.  What is the payment schedule for HSA?  What is your pay frequency?

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HSA Company Contributions

The HSA contribution checks are cut on the same day as the tax liabilities are paid. It is a weekly basis.

QuickBooks Team

HSA Company Contributions

Hello there, @Taia.


Allow me to share some information on how 


In paying your liabilities in QuickBooks Desktop, there are two ways to do so:

If you want to set your HSA employee deduction to directly deposit to your HSA account as liability payments, you can revisit how your HSA Pretax and HSA company contribution were set up as a payroll item in your account.


Here's how: 

  1. Click Employees.
  2. Select Payroll Center.
  3. Go to Pay Liabilities tab.
  4. Choose Other Activities.
  5. Click Change Payment Method.
  6. Select Schedule Payments.
  7. Look for the liability you're not able to pay.
  8. Click Edit.
  9. Type in the appropriate payment information.
  10. Hit Finish

Also, you can run payroll check-up  to verify your current payroll setup by scanning your payroll data for missing information and discrepancies.


If the payroll items are still not aligned, I'd recommend contacting our Payroll Support Team. A specialist will be able to further assist you in mapping how your payroll liabilities are set up in your account.


Here’s how to contact us:

  1. Go to: 
  2. Choose QuickBooks Product.
  3. Look for Payroll.
  4. Select your type of Payroll Subscription.
  5. Hit Payroll.
  6. Click on the View Contact Info button to see the support number.

Stay in touch with me if you have other questions about setting up your HSA Pretax and HSA company contribution liabilities. I’m always here to help.

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