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Importing Invoices Creates an Other Names List Entry

What causes the Other Names List to populate with the customer name on the invoice I am trying to import into QuickBooks? I am using an IIF file to import and cannot figure out why some new customers on my invoice show up under the Other Names List.  It doesn't happen all of the time but can't figure out why it happens at all.



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Importing Invoices Creates an Other Names List Entry

If you don't explicitly add the new name to the IIF file before you use it on a transaction, then QB will auto-add the name.  And it's not very smart when it does it.


Sometimes it gets it right.  For example, in the case of invoices then generally it will add customers reliably.  But if you in the case of a credit memo, it won't.  It'll add the name as the default type, other name and then complain that the name is of the wrong type.


In order to avoid this, our BRC IIF Transaction Creator Pro  detects when a name is new and adds it before it is used, and with the proper type.  It will also detect when the name already exists and then not add it, unless it is of the wrong type.  Then it will add a new name of the right type, with a suffix like "{Cust}" or "{Vend}" to make it different then the existing name. 


If you do this as well in your IIF file, then you'll avoid the issue.

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