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Incorrect estimate

I have a client that created an estimate for progressive invoicing. The estimate is incorrect. However an invoice has already been created using percentages and paid. What is the best way to correct the estimate and future invoices?

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QuickBooks Team

Incorrect estimate

Thank you for reaching out to us, @Rsimm.


I'll be glad to help you with your estimates concern.


To correct an estimate/invoice.


Here's how:

  1. Choose Sales (or Invoicing) in the left-hand menu.
  2. Click the Invoices option.
  3. Select the invoice to edit and click on it to open.
  4. Do the necessary changes.
  5. Press Save and Close (or Save and Send).

You can also check how to get e-signatures for estimates in QuickBooks Online for more information about estimates. 


We're always here in the Community to help if you have other questions related to QuickBooks. Stay safe!






Level 1

Incorrect estimate

Invoices have already been sent to the customer and partially paid.  I cannot change the invoice


Incorrect estimate

I'm here to help correct your transactions in QuickBooks, Rsimm.


You need to void the invoice and start over with the estimate.


If you've already received the payment, simply match the amount of the invoice with the payment. Doing this helps ensure you still have the same record in the system.


Here are the steps on how to void the invoice:

  1. Select Sales from the left menu, then Invoices.
  2. Find the invoice you wish to void.
  3. From the Action column ▼ drop-down menu, select Void.

If you didn't receive the payment, you can delete the invoice. Then, edit the estimate and enter the correct amount.


To organize your transactions, check out this article for the workflow: Set up and send progress invoices in QuickBooks Online.


I'm adding this link to know what will happen to your data: Void or delete transactions in QuickBooks Online.


Let me know if there's anything else I can help you today. Just tag my name, and I'll get back to you.

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