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Using QB Desktop for MAC 2021. When making an adjustment to inventory the form shows the entire list of inventory items in a random order with no search function or sort function making it very difficult to find a single inventory item to record an adjustment. With over a thousand items in the list, it requires you to scroll through the list each time to find the item. Does anyone know if there is a way to search or sort this list? It appears the Windows desktop and online versions have this feature, but not the MAC version. Image shows the top section of the form that QB MAC uses but no way to search or sort the list. Thx

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QuickBooks Team


Thanks for posting to the Community and sharing details, @Ebikes.


I know this would be beneficial when you're able to see the inventory item directly through to a search or sort function. In the meantime, you can follow these steps to account for the adjustments:


  1. Go to Vendors and then Inventory Activities, then select Adjust Quantity/Value on Hand.
  2. Enter the name of the expense account where you track inventory loss and shortages in the Adjustment Account field. If you need to assign the expense to more than one account, enter a separate adjustment for each account. To enter additional adjustments, select Next
  3. Enter the new quantity of each inventory item. You can also enter the new quantity by providing the difference in the Qty Difference column. To enter a difference that reduces the quantity, type a minus sign before the number (for example, -25).
  4. (Optional) If you need to, edit the value of the inventory after adjusting the quantity. QuickBooks will recalculate the value based on average cost. When you edit a value, you change the average cost of the items in stock. To edit the value, select the Value Adjustment checkbox. In the New Value column, enter the value for each inventory item whose value you want to change.


You can reference this article for more details about each term when adjusting inventory items: Perform a physical inventory in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.


You can always share additional questions if you have other concerns about creating inventory adjustments. Anytime I'm ready to help you. Stay safe and well!

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I already know how to do those adjustments. What I asked is why can't I search or sort the list to find the item I want to adjust. Having to scroll down a non-sorted list of over 1,000 items makes the adjustment process very tedious even for a single inventory adjustment because the item can be anywhere in the list. This seems like a major error in whoever programmed this form. You should be able to click on the column header to sort the list like you can inside reports.  This is a very basic programming process. How could it be left out of this important part of Quickbooks for MAC.

QuickBooks Team


Hello Ebikes!


I understand that you want an easier way to select and adjust the inventories in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac. I'm here to assist you.


It's best to send feedback to our developers while we're unable to search or sort the inventories when making an adjustment in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac. Let them know that you need a similar option with QuickBooks Desktop for Windows. Simply select Feedback or Send Feedback Online from the Help menu.


I also added these links you can check. These will show you more info on how to manage your  inventories in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac:


Keep on posting in the Community if you have other concerns. I'll be here!

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