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Issuing a Customer Credit Memo and applying to an invoice

Why would Quickbooks keep a credit memo amount there at let me reapply to multiple invoices over and over?  There was a credit memo done on the master customer account and when we apply the credit to the invoice it still shows the credit open.  So of course we thought there was still a credit amount to apply to other invoices before we realized there was a glitch.  Has anyone else experienced anything like this.  We had to remove the credits off the invoices, delete the original credit memo and reissue the credit memo to a specific job in order for it to clear the credit memo back to zero.

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QuickBooks Team

Issuing a Customer Credit Memo and applying to an invoice


Hi, @KelleyO.


Currently, we don’t have any issues reported about applying a credit memo to an invoice that shows the credits open.


As a workaround, you can delete and recreate the credit memo and reapply it again to an invoice.


Here's how:

  1. Click the Customers menu and select Customer Center from the drop-down list.
  2. Select the Customers & Jobs tab.
  3. Choose the customer with the available credit from the customer list.
  4. Open the customer's Invoice.
  5. On the Customer Recent Transaction sectionclick the Credit Memo link.
  6. In the Credit Memo window, click the Delete button above.

  7. If you receive a warning that voiding the memo changes any attached invoices, select OK.
  8. Then recreate the credit memo and apply it to an invoice.


Also adding this article, you can check on how to give your customer credit in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows and Mac:

If you have any other related concerns in QuickBooks Desktop. I'm always here to help.




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