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Item code drop down list

Just converted from QB 2008 to 2020.


After 12 years... i was hoping this feature would have been corrected by now, but sad to say I am very disappointed that the QB developers have not yet tackled this seemingly basic fix.


In adding/selecting items to a new invoice, the item code drop down list view is only sorted by the item name. You should be able to view and sort by DESCRIPTION or another field as well. This option is not added for fixed in 2020. Moreover, you should be able to view or remove any column for the drop down list - not available. This was so frustrating in 2008 because we invoice items based on "description",  and we'd like to see the listed sorted based on description to select items during invoicing. We use the "item name" field for a unique item number and sorting with that field alone does not help. If there is a solution for this please advise.


Other than cosmetic changes, not much has changed in 12 years, not even granting a few more custom fields for inventory items. Somewhat disappointed for the upgrade.




Level 1

Item code drop down list

This would be huge for me to be able to have drop down list  in the description column in estimates, inventory assembly creation etc., unique item numbers are almost useless when looking for a part, if you wanted to create a bill of materials, the only way I know to create one is to look up all parts in LISTS (by description or mfg. part#) and physically write the unique item id down to insert into a BOM or estimate, which is very time consuming.

If there is any other work-around I would appreciate some insight.

QuickBooks Team
QuickBooks Team

Item code drop down list

We always strive to provide the best experience with the product, SHANE SB PACK.


I know how beneficial it is to your business to have a drop-down list Item to view and sort by description or another field. However, we can only sort the item by name when creating an invoice. I appreciate you for coming up with the workaround. At this time, that's the only one we have when creating a bill of materials.


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