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Job costing Inventoried Items

Background: We manufacture shower glass doors.  We order materials specific for jobs as well as order materials used on all jobs.  We quote and bill all jobs lump sum.  So all goods are purchased tax exempt and billed tax free.  In turn, we report pay the State sales tax for goods and services provided.  


Problem:  I have to pull a job cost report and manually keep a log for each job in order to calculate sales tax owed.  I want to be able to pull only a job cost report to do this.  I can not, as inventoried goods can not be costed to individual jobs (or at least I have not found a way to do this).


What I have tried:

Learned the hard way and sat on phone for almost an hour with a QB adviser that you CAN NOT build an assembly with non-inventoried, services, and inventoried items... although it clearly states in most documentation that you can.  I thought this would be the easiest way as I could make a building assembly job specific.


What I end up doing:

Therefore, I pull a job cost report for all non-inventoried items and services (labor) and find the log I manually keep of the inventoried items and their costs for a particular job.  Add them up and this is how I calculate what is owed in sales tax.


Surely, there are other businesses that use both inventoried and non-inventoried items and bill lump sum.  How is it determined what your "real costs" are (which is essentially what I need to report sales tax) in the most non-convoluted way possible?

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QuickBooks Team

Job costing Inventoried Items

Hi mush14,


You may want to pull up the Sales by Customer Detail report. This will show you all the transactions of the goods and services you provided for a job. You can use it to calculate your sales tax. Just go to Reports, choose Sales, and then Sales by Customer Detail.


You can also use the Profit and Loss by Job report to show your net income for a Job. Then, you can double click that amount to show the transactions that comprises the total income and total expense of the job. One question, do you really need to get the cost and sales for each item to be able to calculate the sales tax?


Feel free to comment below if you have other questions.

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