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Journal entry not affecting the trial balance

For year end adjustments our accountant sends me a list of adjusting journal entries to make and a final trial balance. I'm to compare their trial balance to ours (after making the AJEs) to make sure they're the same.


The problem I'm having is one of the AJEs is not affecting the trial balance. I double, tripled checked the dates of all transactions and they are correct. The individual AJE line items are showing in the general ledger but not the trial balance. All the other AJEs I made changed the trial balance as they should. But not this one!


Am I missing something? 


Things I've tried:

   -Ran all updates to make it's the most current

   -Verified data

   -Rebuilt date (no errors found)

   -Restarted QB

All to no avail!

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QuickBooks Team
QuickBooks Team

Journal entry not affecting the trial balance

This is not the impression we want you to experience when running reports in QuickBooks, ACD-AK.


I appreciate you for performing some troubleshooting steps to get this sorted out. We can download and install QuickBooks Tool Hub. When finished, run the Quick Fix my File option. Here's how:

  1. From the tool hub, click the Company File Issues tab.
  2. Choose Quick Fix my File.
  3. Select OK when it completes and launch your QuickBooks.


If you still get an error message, try running the QuickBooks File Doctor. Let me show you how: 

  1. From the tool hub, select Company File Issues.
  2. Choose Run QuickBooks File Doctor. It can take up to one minute for the file doctor to open. Note: If the QuickBooks File Doctor doesn't open, search for QuickBooks Desktop File Doc and open it manually.
  3. In QuickBooks File Doctor, select your company file from the drop-down menu. If you don’t see your file, select Browse and search to find your file.
  4. Select Check your file (middle option only) and then Continue.
  5. Enter your QuickBooks admin password and then tap Next.


The scan time depends on your file size and in most cases, it can take up to 5 minutes. Once the scan finishes, open QuickBooks and run the Trial Balance report. If the problem persists, I'd suggest contacting our Technical Support Team. They'll pull up your account in a secure environment and investigate what's causing this issue. 


Visit our QuickBooks Help Articles page for more insight s about managing your business in your software.


Feel free to update us after contacting our support in the comment below. I'd like to ensure this is resolved for you. You have a good one.

Level 2

Journal entry not affecting the trial balance

We use QB that is hosted on an outside environment so I am unable to do anything with the Tool Hub.


See attached screenshot - When I combine AJE 1 and AJE 2 the accounts are affected properly and the trial balance is correct. However if I delete the top to lines (AJE 1) the entries/account remaining for AJE 2 suddenly do not affect the trial balance anymore! How is that possible?


Journal entry not affecting the trial balance

Thanks for adding the screenshot, ACD-AK.


Good work on ensuring the dates are correct on your report. Let me add a couple of solutions to help show the journal entry on the Trial Balance report.


You can re-sort the journal entries list to fix the entry. Use these steps I've outlined below:


  1. From the Company menu, select Make General Journal Entries.
  2. Click the Name column, then press Ctrl L on your keyboard.
  3. Select the Include Inactive checkbox. If it's grayed out, there are no inactive names.
  4. Click the Name ▼ drop- down, then select Re-sort List.
  5. Select OK.
  6. Close and reopen your company file.

After re-sorting the list, pull up the Trial balance report again and review all the journal entries.


Another thing to look out for is a possible data integrity issue. You can repair your QuickBooks Desktop for Windows. This might be the likely culprit for the disappearing transaction on reports.


If the same issue persists, I recommend contacting our QuickBooks Desktop Live Team. They can do screen sharing with you and check your entries so they're posted correctly to the right account.


Our Community portal is always open to answer any other questions you might have aside from the journal entry. Just post your QuickBooks Desktop-related queries here and I'll be there to help you.

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