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Keyboard keystroke to exit/skip out of line item lists

Is there a keyboard keystroke to get out of a line item entry without using the mouse to click out (see example below).  We are trying to streamline data entry for users and minimize going back and forth from keyboard to the mouse.


Example:  When creating an assembly, there is a Bill of Materials section where you can input the items you want to add to the assembly.  When you tab through and enter items, you stay within that box.  Is there a keyboard key that would exit from the Bill of Materials list box and go to the next input field.  Right now we have to move a hand from the keyboard to the mouse and click the next field outside the Bill of Material box.

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Michael K

Keyboard keystroke to exit/skip out of line item lists

Glad to have you here, @BernieJ.


QuickBooks Desktop doesn't have an available keyboard keystroke to move out of a table at this time. The command for moving between normal non-table fields is Tab, but you can check out all of our keyboard shortcuts in this awesome article: Keyboard shortcuts in QuickBooks Desktop


I know that this would be useful to you and your employees so I'll submit your idea to our Product Development Team for further review. In the meantime, I recommend keeping an eye out on our blog to stay up-to-date on our newest additions to QuickBooks Desktop.


If you have any other questions for me, let me know below. I'm here to ensure your continued success.

Level 3

Keyboard keystroke to exit/skip out of line item lists

Thank you for the article, Michael.  Some of the Keyboard Shortcuts I knew about, but there are some others I think would be helpful.


Unless I missed in the article... is there a keyboard shortcut to switch between the Expense tab and the Item tab at the bottom of the Bill Enter screen.  We have to enter things on both of those screens when entering bills and I haven't figured a way to use a keyboard shortcut to flip between them (without using the mouse to click on each tab).


QuickBooks Team

Keyboard keystroke to exit/skip out of line item lists

Hi there, @BernieJ.


Currently, the keyboard shortcuts to switch between tabs in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) is not available. As a way around, you'll want to hover your mouse to open each tab.


Rest assured I'll take note of this as a feature request and pass it along to our product engineers. They are always looking for ways to improve our products that suit the needs of our customers. 


To learn what our product team is up to, you can check our Product Updates page for reference. I'd also encourage checking our Help articles page. From there, you can read great articles that can guide you in your future task.


In case you need further help, you can always contact us anytime. I'd be glad to work with you.

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