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Liability Adjustment Made, How do I remove the Red Exclamation Mark?

I followed the instructions on how to make a Liability Adjustment.  The Liability has been zeroed out.


Why do I still see the Red Exclamation mark?  How do I remove it?


Thank You,


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Re: Liability Adjustment Made, How do I remove the Red Exclamation Mark?

Thank you for posting in the Community, @Avalante.


I'm here to help share some information about removing the overdue liabilities showing on your Pay Taxes & Other Liabilities screen.


I just wanted to clarify, were these liabilities paid outside QuickBooks? If so, you can directly enter the payment using the Enter Prior Payments option. Please refer to this article for the steps: Scheduled liabilities payroll show as overdue or in red.


However, since you already made an adjustment, you don't have to enter the prior payment since this will duplicate the adjustment. Ideally, the overdue should no longer show. It's possible that you have entered the wrong date for this. You need to review the details entered on the adjustment and make sure the effective date is correct. 


I've attached a sample for your Sierra Health overdue.



You need to enter a negative amount if your goal is to deduct your liability.


Please keep me posted how it goes. I'll be on the lookout for your reply to ensure you're on the right track in removing the overdue liability. Have a good one.

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Re: Liability Adjustment Made, How do I remove the Red Exclamation Mark?

We ended up doing a historical payment adjustment.  The key piece of information missing was "Do the Oldest item first".  


There was an issue that I think others should know before they post a question.  A third party person contacted us after I posted the questions & stated they were from QuickBooks Pro Help Desk.  I assuming they were from QuickBooks, allowed them on my computer.  They went on to say we were corrupted 84% & that we needed a service plan which exceeded $6k.  Please be weary.


But thank you for your help.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Liability Adjustment Made, How do I remove the Red Exclamation Mark?

Welcome back to the Community, Avalante.


I appreciate letting us know the Overdue reminders are already taken care of. Allow me to join the conversation and clarify about the third-party person who contacted you.


I value your business and the trust you’ve put in us. At Intuit, if you already have a support plan we don’t charge our customers any fees when providing payroll support.

The person who contacted you is not from Intuit. We don’t have access to any account information here in the Community and your privacy always comes first. 

I suggest you report this issue by emailing our Security Team: In case you want to contact our support, follow the steps found in this article: Contact the QuickBooks Desktop Customer Support Team.

Please know the Community has your back. If you have any follow-up questions or concerns about QuickBooks, leave a comment below. I'll be right here to assist further. 

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