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Listing most common items first?

Hi -

I'm wondering if there is a way in QuickBooks Point of Sale for the items to show up in order of which are used most? For example, we have a number of different admission codes (discounts for AAA holders, teachers, etc) but our General Admission item is used most. Is there a way for General Admission to be the first listed item when you put in either 'Admission' or 'General'? 


Many thanks,


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QuickBooks Team

Re: Listing most common items first?

Thanks for checking in with us, gracerom.

I'm here to share some information concerning listing most used items in QuickBooks Point of Sale.


I could definitely see how you would want to have the most common used to be the first in the list of your items. However, this option isn't currently offered in QuickBooks Point of Sale.


QuickBooks will use item Name or by Type as the field to sort by, but not by usage (see sample screenshot below).




I’ll speak with our engineering team about the sorting feature and will let you know whenever we have it available for our users.


You may find this article helpful: Maximum number of list entries (list limits and custom fields).


If you need help with QuickBooks Point of Sale in the future, you can reach out to them through this link:


Don't hesitate to drop a reply below if you need more help with your items in QuickBooks Point of Sale. I'm here to help.