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Lost data

My computer was disconnected and stored in  a safe place for several days in preparation for the recent hurricane.   I now find that all data from 11/16/18 to 9/02/19 has been lost.  How may this data be recovered?  I am using QuickBooks 2019 For Mac, Version V18.0.5 R6 on a desktop iMac.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Lost data

Hello @Seighlor,


I'd like to help restore your company file using .dmg file in QuickBooks Desktop Mac.


To start with, search for QuickBooks Mac that creates a .dmg file.


Here's how:


1. From the QuickBooks menu. select Preferences.

2. Click Backup.


Once done, you can now restore a .dmg file. See the steps below:


1. Double-click the .dmg file. A new window open with your company file and available attachments.

2. Drag the company file and the Attached Documents Library folder where you'll store the company file.

3. Go to File, then choose Open Company to restore the file.


For more detailed steps, you can read to this article about recovery your data in QuickBooks Desktop Mac: Restore a Backup (.dmg).


That should get you fixed right up. Let me know how it goes or if you're referring to something else by leaving a comment. I'm always here to help.

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Re: Lost data

Nothing gets lost, you likely opened an old file.

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Re: Lost data

Good evening ShallyMarR,

Thank you.  Your concise procedural outline is greatly appreciated.  In that I lacked the talent to recover the data on my own, I've just retrieved my computer from a repair shop.  The technician was able to recover all but the last two weeks.  I will, however, save what you've offered in the event this might happen again.

To better describe the situation I encountered...  My QuickBooks records go back for several decades.  Immediately prior to the hurricane I wrote checks for a half-dozen invoices.  In doing so, I noticed the check numbering sequence was out of order but, engaged in hurricane prep activities, didn't pay much attention other than to verify the correct check numbers were posted with each entry.  Back at my desk, post-storm, I became aware that nine months of entries were missing, late November, 2018 to late August, 2019.  Also, stubs of the checks I had most recently printed were blank.  Absolutely no information as to whom the checks had been addressed, dollar amounts, nothing.  

Information on these most recent checks is still missing from my computer.  But being just 
two weeks worth of entries, this shouldn't  be too hard to reconstruct.

Again, thank you,


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