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Maintaining QB software for maximum efficiency

Hi.  Working with a new client that up-graded to QB Enterprises 2018 with all kinds of problems, some of which don't seem to be accounting related as much as they are poor database management decisions? 


Here's one of them: 

They don't reconcile their bank statements in QB (don't ask!) which means they have about five years worth of data for several very active bank accounts they've never "tied down".  Would this reflect badly on the software's operation? My intuition tells me it would but the client is pushing back (again, don't ask!) - LOL.


I keep thinking back to the old days when a computer had to be defragmented periodically for it to run at its optimum capacity.  Not running a de-frag would leave a computer sluggish. 


Would failing to complete bank recs on several active accounts for approx five years create a drag on the software's performance?  For this client, it seems the answer is yes but I don't know that for certain.


So thats my first question!  What "bad habits" or poor choices would, over time, result in the QB software not operating at its peak capacity? 


Sneak peak ahead:  I don't really like the way they've set up their Customer List either!  Instead of setting up a primary Customer that has maybe 30 sub-jobs, they set up 30 separate Customers instead.  Multiply this by the thousands, and well, its the same question.  Or maybe it doesn't matter --- the efficiency and software operation should work just as well whether one is using sub-jobs or not.


Thank you most kindly for your feedback/assistance!

QuickBooks Team

Re: Maintaining QB software for maximum efficiency

Hello there, @Jain.


Let me share some insights about running the QuickBooks software.


QuickBooks sets system requirements to help ensure your computer hardware, software, and operating system meet the minimum requirements for the version of QuickBooks you're using.


If there are much of data entered on QuickBooks it may take more time to load the pages you're trying to visit. To verify if the problem is within QuickBooks or the software you're using, you can try accessing QuickBooks using higher specs of the computer. The higher the specs the better the performance of QuickBooks.


On the other hand, I also suggest condensing the company file to lesser the company data. For the steps, you can check it here: Use the Condense Data utility.


I'm also attaching this article to learn more about the system requirements for QuickBooks 2018: System requirements for QuickBooks 2018 and Enterprise Solutions 18.0.


Feel free drop a post if you have any other QuickBooks questions. I'm just here available to help!

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Re: Maintaining QB software for maximum efficiency

Re: Maintaining QB software for maximum efficiency

Thanks for your feedback; appreciated.  The plan (right now) is for this client is to switch over to a new QB database for 2020 and leave the current database as the archive reference.


Even if that's the plan to be implemented, I don't want to re-invent one of those Einstein situations of doing the same things over and over again, expecting different results!  I feel like there's got to be some "behavior modifications" on the part of the users of the system.  But I need to qualify and identify those with specificity and compelling urgency!  (:


Since I posed my question, I continued to scratch the surface for some answers and learned something that seems to coincide (a little bit!) with my defrag theory.  If I hit F2 and review the specs of the system, I can see the Database File Fragments number which --- according to what I've read --- is nothing to worry too much about if that number hovers around 100.  My client's DB File Fragment number?  Just a hair below 67,000 ! 


So I'm trying to piece together "good practices" for a healthy QB database versus "poor practices" that lead to some of the strange errors in the data verification reports we've had to run (after the rebuild reports had to be run).  Seems like we're always chasing fixes and not all of them are accomplished internally by QB which means manual manipulation, which has become a real challenge.


Granted, there's about 25 users in my client's system and I also have concern about their training and certainly the consistency, but if they refuse to perform bank recs IN the system (for example), is that detrimental to the smooth operating performance of their system? 


In my imagination, I have this notion that leaving all those thousands of unreconciled transactions in the system just hanging, without binding them to a fully reconciled period is probably one of those unhealthy/bad things they are doing in their day2day/month2month/year2year operations.  I just need to pinpoint credible authority that underscores my theory, as well as other "bad practices" that need to be improved.


Hope that makes sense! 


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Re: Maintaining QB software for maximum efficiency

Thanks for getting back to us and sharing this with our forum, @Jain,


I appreciate the time you've taken finding and reviewing fixes to maximize the efficiency of your QuickBooks software.


I just want to let you know that there's a separate forum designed for developers to share your insights and receive assistance from other tech users. There you can interact with people who are experts with the QuickBooks database and can share their best practices working with the software.


You can access this resource by clicking this link: Intuit Developers Forum.


If you have any other concerns with QuickBooks, you know where to find me. Notify me anytime by clicking the Reply button below. I'll be more than happy to help, @Jain.

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QB automatically, without my prompting, changed my personal preferences!

Actually, I am going to take you up on that notion to ask another question!


What I'm about to describe is something I've never encountered before and its so strange, I don't know what to think!


When I log into QB for a client, typically I'll change the QB default preferences for the Admin profile assigned to me. 

For instance, I'm a bit "old school" and don't like that disco black background, so I change that to appear in the traditional appearance!  I also like that left side Open (Peek-a-Boo) Windows that lets me flop back and forth between reports I've run, lists, transactions, etc. 

Finally, I like my Icon Bar at the top (again, like its traditionally appeared). 

All of these are surface, cosmetic personal preference changes; no biggie, right?


Now I'm going to skip ahead a bit and tell that I've needed to run both Data Verification reports and a Rebuild, and when I run these --- suddenly in the middle of the run without any prompting whatsoever, my personal preferences will automatically vanish and revert back to the QB default settings:  Gone is my open peek-a-boo window on the left side of the screen; gone is the icon bar at the top of the screen; and that disco black background returns like darth vader!  LOL


What is up with that?  On the Rebuild Report, shortly after this "transformation" occurred, there was some other error which required me to abort that run.  On the Data Verification reports, it creeped me out so much, that I just went to the Task Manager and killed the task. 


Now the final thing....I ran one of these Data Verification Reports last night.  It was going well, going fine, until it started in on the Links part of the verification and maybe five minutes into the Link part of the Data Verification Report it did that presto-changeo thing.  As it was quite late in the evening, I just decided to kill the report, packed up, and went home.  I didn't log back into QB at that point.


Today, however, when I logged back into QB --- all my personal settings were in-tact!  No black background!  My Open Peek-A-Boo Window was where it always is supposed to be on the left side of the screen.  Even the Icon Bar was at the top where it should be.


So now I ask:  Why did that happen and is there something wrong with the QB software maybe?!


Super-size thanks!!!!!!!!!


QuickBooks Team

Re: QB automatically, without my prompting, changed my personal preferences!

Hello again, Jain.


Let me start by saying how much we appreciate you for providing detailed information about what's happening with your QuickBooks Desktop. Allow me to help get the support you need to determine the cause of the issue on your end.


Running the Verify and Rebuild Data Utility feature shouldn't affect your settings from the Preferences section. If the issue persists with the unusual behavior, I recommend contacting our QuickBooks Support Specialists.


One of them will be able to take over and escalate your file to Data Services if necessary for a complete fix. In case you need the steps on how to reach them, you can follow the instructions below:


  1. Open QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Click the Help tab at the top menu bar.
  3. Select QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  4. Click the Contact us hyperlink.

For additional insights into the Data Services Team, you can also visit the article I'm attaching below:


QuickBooks Data Services FAQ.


I want to ensure that you're able to figure this out, so please feel free to let me know how it goes. If you should have any questions, I'm just a click away.

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