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Mass Editing Credit Card Transactions



We are running into a recurring bottleneck in regards to the way our credit card transactions feed into our Quickbooks Enterprise Desktop file. Our credit cards sync into Quickbooks on the transactions date, but our current process is to do an accrual for them each month. We would like the transactions to hit on the first day of the month following when they actually occurred. We have played around a little bit with the "reclassify transactions" tool, but mass changing dates didn't seem to be an option. Is there another way to have items mass edited? Essentially we want to change the date on all of our credit cards for the month. Is doing an export of credit card data, then an import an option?


Our second question in that area is if its possible to mass move credit card transactions from one account to another. They currently feed into our overhead corporate account instead of at the individual card level. We have also tried to use the reclassify feature on this with no luck. 


Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Mass Editing Credit Card Transactions



Thank you for posting here in the Community. I'd be glad to help share some insights with mass editing credit card transactions in QuickBooks Desktop.


The transaction dates that'll import into QuickBooks will depend on the information shared from your bank's website. Right now, mas editing them within the system is currently unavailable.


However, if you need to do accrual for them each month, you can use the Web Connect feature to import the transactions into the system. Before doing so, you'll need to download the QBO file from your bank and manually edit them to change the dates through Excel or Notepad.


For the detailed instructions, please visit this article (scroll down to Solution 3):


Troubleshoot Bank Feeds Web Connect.


For your second questions, the available tool for correct transactions account is by using the Reclassify Transactions feature. Aside from that, you may need to move them manually by opening each one.


Let me know if you have further questions with your credit card transactions. The Community is eyeing out on your response.

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