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Memo line too short/Billable field not working

I have 2 questions:

I sometimes write extensive an extensive "Memo" on credit card charges (also checks and other forms) to itemize all the purchases for a customer, but QB for Mac Desktop stops me after 2 lines of text, even though somewhere I read that the Memo line can accommodate many characters. What to do?


Also, the "Billable" field on CC charges and checks does not allow me to select "yes," which means I don't get a list of expenses on a customer invoice.

QuickBooks Team

Memo line too short/Billable field not working

Hi @wildgeese,


I'll share insight on both of your concerns about QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) for Mac.


For your first question, I suggest you refer to this article: Character limitations for fields in QuickBooks. It has a table with a list of fields available in QBDT, with their max characters as well.


As for the second question, I've checked, and there isn't a need to toggle the billable feature to make it work. Since you're unable to select Yes to make transactions billable, I suggest you run the Verify and Rebuild tools. Go to this article for details: Verify and rebuild data in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.


I'll be here if ever you have any other questions. Drop a comment below, and I'll get back to you.

Level 1

Memo line too short/Billable field not working

I appreciate your reply. I knew the memo line on checks and CC charges should be pretty much unlimited, however, I am only able to enter about 2 lines. 


The verify and rebuild options did not change the fact that I can't select "billable."

QuickBooks Team

Memo line too short/Billable field not working

Thanks for the quick reply, @wildgeese.


Let's do another troubleshooting steps to isolate the problem. Verify and rebuild data in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac is one of the primary troubleshooting steps to resolve the problem. Since you're still unable to select the billable and add another add lines in the memo, I'd suggest updating your QuickBooks Desktop account. Let me guide you how: 


  1. Click the QuickBooks drop-down arrow, then choose Check for QuickBooks Updates.
  2. Hit Install Update. 
  3. Tap Install and Relaunch


For the detailed instruction, you may check this article: Update QuickBooks for Mac to the latest release.


Once done, go back to the memo's page, then re-create a new check to verify if the lines and billable it's already functioning well. 


If the issue persists, I'd recommend you to call our Customer Care Team. This way, they can access your account in a secure environment and investigate the root cause of the problem.


Here's how: 


  1. Got o the Help menu, then choose QuickBooks Desktop Help
  2. Hit the Contact Us button. 
  3. Click QuickBooks Desktop tile or type contact us in the description field. 
  4. Hit Message Us


For more information, visit this article: Contact QuickBooks Desktop support. Also, check out our support hours and types to ensure we address your concern on time. 


You may visit this article to know what's new in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2020.


Additionally, browse through this article: Maximum number of list entries (list limits and custom fields). To know more about the list limit for QBDT for Mac. 


Let me know if you have follow-up questions. I'm always here to help. Take care!

Level 1

Memo line too short/Billable field not working

Thank you for your reply. I updated my Mac QBDT, but that did not resolve the issue. Twice I tried to open a chat window to get help and both times I went through the Captcha and went to a blank screen instead of a chat window. 

Level 1

Memo line too short/Billable field not working

I updated my QBDT for Mac; that did not solve the problem of only being able to enter 2 lines of text in the Memo field and not being able to select Billable. Then I tried to start a chat, twice, but after going through the Captcha, I got a blank screen both times (no chat window).


Memo line too short/Billable field not working

Thanks for keeping us posted about this, wildgeese.


When starting a chat session, you might want to do a few browser troubleshooting steps. Cache helps your browser's background processes run smoothly. However, it can also cause issues when piled up. Here's how to get rid of any-cache related concerns:

  1. Open a private browser and log in to your QBO account. It uses but doesn't store cache.
  2. If you can start a chat session successfully, we can go back to your regular browser and clear the cache.
  3. Other supported browsers are good alternatives, too. Each of them uses a different cache.

Contacting our Technical Support Team would be our best course of action since the troubleshooting steps provided in this thread doesn't work. They can review the situation and provide additional steps to get this working.


Let us know how this goes so we can see what we can do with it.

Level 1

Memo line too short/Billable field not working

I was finally able to get an active Chat going with a Mac QBDT support person, who seemed clueless when I explained the situation about the memo line cutting off text after a few lines and the billable field not including a check box. It seemed as if he had never before looked at QB screens. After much back-and-forthing, he finally told me that the 1 year warranty on my purchase did not apply to my problem, even though it is clearly a bug that no one has been able to help me with. Then I asked if he would escalate my problem to his supervisor, which he said he would do and the supervisor would call me. I'm pretty frustrated. I will let you know if I get a call and what the result is. I must say, I'm not holding out much hope of getting this issue resolved. I was truly appalled at the lack of knowledge of the person I contacted.

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