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Memorized Transaction

I want to set up memorized transactions that are auto-debited from my bank. Right now, the only Type available is CHK so when it enters the transaction it assigns it a check # but there is no check #.

QuickBooks Team

Memorized Transaction

Hi there, @dvaldez.


We can create a memorized transaction so you'll get a reminder every time it's due and see the check no. Let me show you how:


  1. Enter the transaction the way you want it to show up each month. 
  2. Select Memorize [Transaction Name], from the Edit menu.
  3. Enter a Name.
  4. Enter any other info, then select OK.
  5. Select Save & Close or Save & Next.

If you want to set up an automatic schedule, make sure to fill in the How Often and Next Data fields.


Also, you can see your memorized transaction. Go to Lists and select  Memorized Transaction List.


For more information, please refer to this article: Create, edit, or delete memorized transactions.


I've also shared this article on how to memorize a report if you'll change the settings of a report and save it in the Memorized Report List: Memorize a report.


If you have other questions or need further help with the memorized transaction, please let me know. I'll be happy to lend a hand. Take care.


Level 1

Memorized Transaction

The problem is that an auto-debit is not assigned a check # but the Memorized Transaction defaults to Type = CHK, therefore it assigns it a check #. How do I keep Memorized Transactions from inserting a check #?

Content Leader

Memorized Transaction

Hi, dvaldez.


Thanks for providing that additional info.


To keep the system from assigning a check number to a memorized transaction, some users have found it useful to put the word "Debit" in the number field. By doing this, a check number won't be assigned once the transaction is posted. Here's how:


1. Go to the Lists menu.

2. Select Memorized Transaction List.

3. Locate your memorized check transaction.

4. Enter Debit in the check number field.

5. Choose Memorize.

6. Select Replace.


You can find out more about creating, editing, or deleting memorized transactions by clicking the link.


I'm only and comment or post away if you have any other questions.

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