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merchant fees

Why are the merchant fees no showing up in my check register?

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merchant fees

Are they supposed to show up automatically? Mine never did when I used to use the service.


merchant fees

Hi there, Mar5.


I appreciate you checking in with us. Let me help show your merchant fees on the check register.


Have you configured the settings for deposits and fees in QuickBooks Desktop? Before you can download them to your checking account, you'll need to choose an expense account to assign the fees to.


To change the deposit settings, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Banking and choose Record Merchant Service Deposits.
  2. Select Change your deposit settings link on the lower left.
  3. In the Merchant Service Deposit Settings window, update your information as needed:

    • Allow creation of new invoice after you apply payment
    • Your Bank for Deposits
    • Memo
    • Your Fees Account
    • Your Bank Feed withdrawal
    • Show Welcome Screen
  4. Click on Save Settings.

Then, let's record the missing fees manually.


For further guidance, you can check out this article: Record Merchant Service Deposits.


This answer should point you in the right direction. Please keep me posted on how it goes once you've tried these steps. I'll be here to keep helping. Take care.

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