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Merging 2 Vendors

I Have 2 vendors in my vendor list 

Kielty Plumbing and RJ Kielty Plumbing  ( one in the same ) 

I want to merge them to avoid further confusion when invoices are entered 

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Re: Merging 2 Vendors

You can certainly merge them, src33629.


Here are the steps on how to merge two vendors:

  1. Click on the Vendors menu.
  2. Select Vendor Center.
  3. Take note or copy the name of the vendor that you would like to keep.
  4. Right-click the name of the vendor that you would like to merge, then select Edit Vendor.
  5. Replace the vendor name with the one you took note of or copied, then select OK.
  6. A prompt will appear, select Yes to proceed with the merge. 

This article will also help you merge accounts and customers. Please check it out:  Merge Accounts, Customers, and Vendors.


Keep us posted if you've got more merging questions or anything else. We are here to help.