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Mid Month FY end date

My company has a July 14th Fiscal Year end date. All the reports come out as July 1 - June 30. How do I get QBooks to recognize the July 14th date for Year end reports?

Re: Mid Month FY end date

Hello there, @ebacctg.


The Fiscal Year setup on the reports recognize the months and not the specific date. As a suggestion, you can manually customize the date range from July 13, 2018-July 14, 2019. That way, you'll get the report information according to your desired period and/or fiscal year.

  1. On the report, go to the Dates section and click the drop-down arrow.
  2. Select Custom and enter the desired dates.

I like your idea, and I already prepared a feedback statement sent directly to our product developers.


For now, you can refer to the links below to learn more about customizing and understanding the report function:

I'm still here to help you more if you have other report questions. Just drop a comment or post again in the Community. Have a blissful day!

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Re: Mid Month FY end date

Thank you.  This works for all reports except the Balance Sheet which insists on using the beginning of the month.  

In the end I ended up making one journal entry to adjust the two weeks difference in the report.  

While this is not a great solution going forward it works as a temporary solution.  

If you are able to enter a ticket to your engineering to fix this please do.  Thank you again for your help. 

QuickBooks Team

Re: Mid Month FY end date

Thanks for coming back, Elaine.


We are happy to hear that the workaround provided helps you pulling up reports.

The steps above also works for the Balance Sheet report. It lets you update the date range.




In line with the previous answer, you can memorize this custom report. This helps you run the report without customizing it again. Just simply click on the Memorize button, enter the name of the report, and click on OK. Then, it’ll be saved in your Memorized Reports from the Reports menu.


We are working on adding new feature in QuickBooks. I’ll personally send this idea of being able to set a fiscal date when pulling up reports to our Product Developers.


You can always drop your questions here in the Community.