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Migrating to QB Online woes

Sorry in advance for this being lengthy –


I was looking for a multi-user license to add a second computer to our office without the expense of a server.  After talking with the QB rep, I made the decision to go to QB online from the desktop version we have used for many years.


Our small manufacturer’s representative sales business uses QB in the following way-

We send a Quote (estimate) to our customers

Use this quote (estimate) to generate a purchase order to our suppliers if the customer decides to order

That purchase order sent to the supplier must include our company information as well as the ship to (our customer) information and their purchase order number

Once we are invoiced from the supplier, we then invoice our customer

This invoice to the customer must include their purchase order number, along with the information on items shipped and the costs.


After many, many, way too many hours, I find there is no field for purchase order numbers to use to customize the invoice to our customer. Then I discover on another site that at the present time it isn’t even possible to create a custom estimate or purchase order.


AND all of our forms should be able to fold so the customer’s address appears in the window of a standard #10 left -hand window envelope.  The few QB templates that do exist don’t fit these envelopes, which I have several thousand to use. There is no way to adjust the margins to make this fit properly. I don't want to see the line about detaching invoice here and returning this slip with payment - that's now how businesses run these days.

I spent several hours with the QB rep trying to resolve this and then many more hours on my own.

I’m sure you can understand my tremendous frustration here in trying to go to the QBO version for a number of reasons, only to find it is a half-baked product. I am not a developer and should not have to design my own templates even if there is a way to do what we have been doing for years on QB.


Am I missing something here or is QB Online not going to work for us and we will need to stick with the desktop version and bite the cost of the second licensed software?




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Migrating to QB Online woes

I feel your pain. I am now just over a year in and just about every 1-2 months I find something else that does NOT work online but works perfectly fine on Desktop. I wish I would have never made the move to online. I feel like a prisoner at this point. I wish I would have went with my gut instinct in the very beginning, spending countless hours trying to overcome the incompetence of QBO, and chalked it up to a loss. I am a Mac user and now am being told that the switch back to Desktop will be incredibly painful and some of my information may be lost. I would recommend, as it sounds like the issue is a very significant one, is to run away as fast as you can and NEVER look back. Half Baked idea sums it up perfectly.   

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Migrating to QB Online woes

Are you moving to QB online just to have the multi user option ?



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