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Mutliple Emails

Is there a query to search for a particular Customer based on email when multiple emails are given ?

QuickBooks Team

Mutliple Emails

Hello, Kevin Shelton. 


Yes, there is! I'm happy to show you how you can do a query search for a customer based on an email. 


You can use the Search feature to search for a customer using a part of a keyword from their email address. Simply click the Magnifying glass icon, then enter a portion of their email address. The results will show from the matching keyword. 




Alternatively, you can use the Customer Contact List report to look for a particular customer. Go the the Reports section, search for Customer Contact List, then click the result. 




There are other things you can do on the Search function. Please check this article for more details: Search for transactions.


Need to record sales transactions for your customer after searching for them? Our articles have guides on how to create them. Check them out here: QuickBooks Online Sales and customers topic articles


Reply here if you have more questions on doing something else in QuickBooks Online. I'm here to help you accomplish your tasks. 

Level 1

Mutliple Emails

Im sorry . Maybe i wasnt clear in my question.
I wanted to know if theres any search sql query for a customer based on multiple email values in PrimaryEmailAddr field  when hitting an api request. 

I wasnt able to use 'OR' condition in the sql query to be passed along with the endpoint. It said it encountered Query Parsing error


select * from Customer Where
PrimaryEmailAddr like '[email address removed]' or PrimaryEmailAddr like '[email address removed]'

QuickBooks Team

Mutliple Emails

Thanks for clarifying, kevin_shelton.


It's best to reach out and post this question to our Intuit Developer Community. They'll surely assist you with any API and SQL concerns you may have.


Let me know if you need anything else by leaving a comment again. I'll be here!

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