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My customer's open balance doesn't match the open invoices

Hi! I have a customer with an open invoice for $1500, but in their profile under Sales > Customers, it says their open balance is $0. Why would that be? I can provide any extra information required!


My customer's open balance doesn't match the open invoices

Let's work together to get this sorted out, jdoran.


If you haven't make a payment in QBO but shows zero on the customer's balance, it could be that there is a Credit Memo transaction that was created. Also, the Automatically apply credits feature is enabled. Let's check if this is the case.


To check if auto-apply credits:

  1. Go to the Settings icon and select Account and Settings.
  2. Click on the Advanced tab.
  3. Scroll down to the Automation section.
  4. Toggle Automatically apply credits.
  5. Click on Save then Done.

You may also want to check on the invoice and verify the amount. Once verified, you need to let QBO know that the invoice was paid. For the detailed steps, please check it here.


Tag me in the comment below if you have follow up questions regarding invoices in QBO.

Level 1

My customer's open balance doesn't match the open invoices

Hi Glinette, thanks for your help so far.


I checked to see if Auto-apply credits was on, and it is on. But I don't really know what that does and it's never interfered before. Can you explain was auto-apply credits does? We aren't trying to apply a credit to this customer's account.


This customer won't pay the open invoice of $1500 until next year, so I want this customer to have an open balance of $1500. But it still shows as zero.


I don't see any credit memo on the customer's account. Is that found somewhere else?

QuickBooks Team

My customer's open balance doesn't match the open invoices

Hi there, jdoran.


The Automatically apply credits feature allows the available credit to automatically apply to the open invoices as payment. You may check this link for more details: Create and apply credit memos or delayed credits in QuickBooks Online.


You'll want to review the customer's transactions to make sure that there's no payment applied.


I'll be here if you need anything else. Stay safe!

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