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My reports are not working in quickbooks, any suggestions?

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QuickBooks Team

My reports are not working in quickbooks, any suggestions?

Thank you for reaching out to us, @tpibbles.

I want to make sure you’re able to run and view your reports in QuickBooks Online.

Just to clarify, did you encounter an error message when pulling up the reports? Additional information about this concern will help us look for the right solution in solving the problem.

In the meantime, let’s perform some basic troubleshooting steps to make sure the issue isn’t browser related. It’s possible that local internet cache files are the reason for this unexpected behavior. 

Let’s start logging in to QuickBooks using a private window. Here’s how:
•    Ctrl + Shift + P (Internet Explorer)
•    Command + Shift + N (Safari)
•    Ctrl+ Shift + N (Google Chrome)
•    Ctrl + Shift + P (Mozilla Firefox)


If it works, you’ll need to clear your browser’s cache. Before doing so, make sure to take note of your saved passwords and URLs. Once done, here's an article with the steps on how to perform clear cache: Clear browser cache and temporary Internet files.


That should do it. Please let me know how it goes and we'll take it from there. Thanks for dropping by. I’ll keep an eye out for your response. 

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