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Need to clean up QB Nonprofit company

I inherited a very messy, over-simplified QB Nonprofit company file! HELP!!  What's my best course of action?


The previous "keeper" of this small nonprofit (dating back to 2014) entered EVERY transaction through QB Check Register. She did not use Classes/Jobs, Items, etc. She has lots of Vendors and some Customers. She used an outside program to track donors/contributions. 


Because I feel the future growth of this nonprofit depends on pulling detailed reporting from QB, I cleaned up her Customer/Donor List (contact information only) from her outside program and imported that into a COPY of the original company.  So now I have an extensive list of Customer/Donors (going back to 2014). I can import it into the original company file to have the complete list of Customers/Donors, but then how do I create a history of each customer's donations over the years without impacting income and everything else?


Since the company is small, I had thought I could go back to the beginning of the current fiscal year (last July) and edit all of the transactions so they impact the donors, programs, etc., correctly (we're talking approx 300 entries). However, I'd have to get detailed information on the deposits she entered as lump amounts so I could break them out to individual donors.


Now I'm thinking I should start recording everything properly starting with our next fiscal year which begins this coming July 1st and just reconcile myself to the fact that the previous years' detail just won't be available for reporting. 


Could I get some input from people who've run into a similar situation when taking over someone else's messy QB company?  I'm pretty much at a standstill on how to proceed. Thanks.

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Re: Need to clean up QB Nonprofit company

QB is perpetual, so any historical entry you make will impact on the current balances


If it were me, I would create a new file, and start the new company file in July, enter starting balances and go from there

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Re: Need to clean up QB Nonprofit company

Thank you, Rustler. I'm leaning in that direction.