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Negative amount in vendors "Balance Total" column

How can I find or adjust a negative 'balance total' on the vendor list? I'm not talking about the open balance. I understand that any time a 'write check' is used, the balance will appear as a negative in the 'open balance' column in the vendor information window. Now, I've double checked the unpaid bills detail and could not find the bill that was deleted. Every 'bill' and 'bill pmt-check' in the quick report is cleared. I did find two uncleared 'bill pmt-checks' for $100 cash. I look at the audit, and found one deleted 'bill pmt-check' for $600.00, which is the negative that appears on the balance total. But there is no separate/lone bill for $600. Any ideas?


QuickBooks Team

Re: Negative amount in vendors "Balance Total" column

Hello, Andrew 17.


Let’s try to run the Voided/Deleted Transaction Summary report. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Reports at the top.
  2. Select Report Center. 
  3. Type in Transaction Summary report on the search box. 
  4. Click Run. 
  5. Set your desired date and click Refresh. 

If you’re still unable to locate the bill, it could be that it was not really recorded in QuickBooks. The payment might have been added directly from your bank.

Please consider on posting here again if you need anything else. 

Frequent Explorer *

Re: Negative amount in vendors "Balance Total" column

I couldn't find the bill for $600.  I'm using QB's desktop, not QB's online, therefore, nothing could be added by the bank.  It's all entered by the office.  But there is a 'BillPmt-Check' that was deleted for the same amount.  I created a brand new bill, and as soon as I did that, the negative $600 disappeared.  But, there was now a new A/P balance for $600.  I don't get it.



QuickBooks Team

Re: Negative amount in vendors "Balance Total" column

Hi, Andrew 17.


You can simply link the bill payment to the newly created bill. Here’s how:

  1. Open the newly created bill transaction. 
  2. Click Pay Bill at the top. 
  3. Select the Set Credits tab. 
  4. Click Done. 

This will apply you’re the payment to the bill and will make the amount disappear in your accounts payable. 

Make yourself comfortable in visiting us again if you need anything else.