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New QBO Usage Limits for Plus? You're kidding right?

I just wanted to throw my two cents out here, at how disappointed I am with the new usage limits for Plus users.  I luckily only have one client using Plus, and despite my best efforts, she insist on creating new accounts for every-little-thing, pointlessly.  She currently has 395 accounts that she uses.  I go thru her chart of accounts weekly and place her newly added accounts under parent accounts, to keep everything clean.  As stupid as that seems, IT WORKS... for both of us and only takes me a few seconds to complete every Monday morning.  It’s our system that we’ve been using for the past 5 years.


But now, she’s forced to upgrade to Advanced, which will not benefit her in the least,  all to keep her [pointless] accounts... OR I, the accountant/ProAdvisor, will have to spend HOURS deleting 150 accounts that she’s currently using, along with two classes (because hey, there is now limits on those as well), in order to keep her on the Plus plan.  Additionally,  I'll spend who knows how long answering the phone calls and emails about “what account to use for this and that”. 


And can we talk about price?  Currently, I pay $35 monthly on whole sale billing... And now, just to keep her accounts the way they are, I'll have to pay $105 a month?  Are you kidding me?  Do you realize that's THREE TIMES AS MUCH?   Let me say that again... That's THREE TIMES the amount to keep doing what she’s doing!  Please tell me this all some kind of joke!


As I’m positive she’s not going to be upgrading (because she’s a wholesale client and I charge her a little more than my discounted monthly rate so to increase her rate would be OVER your price a month), I’ll either have to loose my income from having her on wholesale, or be required to spend that much more time on her account each month, answering questions and monitoring what accounts she’s uses.  SO REALLY WHAT YOU'RE DOING to accountants and ProAdvisers like me, is making that much more work for us.  We are the ones this affects. 


You guys should have certainly grandfathered the users over the 250 limit in.  After all, when I originally recommended QBO Plus to her, I NEVER expected this to be an issue.  Had I’d known, I would have started her on desktop, which I’ll do with my clients moving forward. 


The only options I’ll be giving to her will be to downgrade her usage or move her over to QB desktop... and that’s IF, if she even wants to stay with QB at all.  I mean seriously, what's next?  She upgrades to Advance and a year later, you come out with an Advance Plus and put a limit on how many inventory items you're allowed to have?  And to upgrade to that, it'll will quadruple the monthly cost?


As a business owner myself, I can understand you wanting to increase your sales but do you honestly think that it should be at the expense of the users and ProAdvisors that got you here in the first place?  Those of us who sold your product to our clients, based on their needs and in my case, the fact that in the past 15 years I've been using QB products, there has NEVER beed usage limits on chart of accounts and classes?  How can we continue to trust you?  How are we going to continue promoting your products, knowing this is most likely going to happen again?


There comes a time when the RIGHT THING TO DO is hard to see but if you continue to miss it, karma has a way of reminding you, once it’s to late.  While I’m more than positive you’ll profit from the forced upgrades, you’ll NEVER reach your maximum profit potential by pissing off your loyal Accountants and ProAdvisors.  Again, just my thoughts.



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Re: New QBO Usage Limits for Plus? You're kidding right?

Hello, SteeleCo.


Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on the recent changes that were made to QuickBooks Online. I'd like to take a moment to share some additional information regarding the new usage limits that are in place.


After introducing usage limits in February 2019, we wanted to ensure QuickBooks Online customers had sufficient time to make the necessary changes to their account if they were over or approaching the usage limits. Customers had 6 months to either reduce their data to fit within their plan’s limits or upgrade to QuickBooks Online Advanced. Now, we want to make sure that all customers are complying with the QuickBooks Online usage limit policy and will require all customers to take action to either reduce the data to within their plan’s limits or upgrade.


QuickBooks Online Simple Start is meant for organizations with very simple accounting needs. Plus is intended for businesses who may also need to track inventory, projects, or get a little more granular with their data. Advanced is intended for businesses with more complex or specialized accounting needs, and classes, locations, and the chart of accounts are typically where that complexity comes into play. If you have a client who has needs to manage basic bookkeeping tasks, but has a large chart of accounts, then this may be an opportunity to clean up their books. If you serve a client who needs a large number of accounts for compliance reasons, then that’s indicative of a client with specialized accounting needs. As of August 2019, if your clients are above the usage limits, then they are part of the top 2% of QuickBooks Online users that fall into this category.



After October 16th, every sign in to your account will include a notification directing you to manage your usage or upgrade to QuickBooks Online Advanced. After October 28th, if you haven’t upgraded or reduced your usage, your QuickBooks plan will no longer be in compliance and we may suspend your account on your next monthly or annual renewal date. To avoid any disruption, it's required that you must either upgrade to the appropriate QuickBooks plan, or reduce your usage.


The following article provides additional info about the usage limits:


Feel free to follow up with me here if you have any other questions. Wishing you and your client all the best.


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Re: New QBO Usage Limits for Plus? You're kidding right?

Hey MorganB,


First and for most, you’re not telling me anything I don’t already know.  I was simply stating my thoughts on the matter about how unhappy I am about this change.  Secondly, the response you replied to here COMPLETELY contradicts what you said you said in this response... (See attached). 


Ya see where we’re all coming from?  You see how QB is continuing to screw us over?  Why should be continue to trust you?




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Re: New QBO Usage Limits for Plus? You're kidding right?

Not sure if the attachment attached... Here it is again, just in case.


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Re: New QBO Usage Limits for Plus? You're kidding right?

I am looking at alternatives. This is really a blow. I love QBO and have spent hundreds of hours tweaking it to be just where I want it, but I feel completely insecure to continue on this platform when Intuit does things like this. Originally I was thinking of going to desktop but I may just find another software altogether. My business is real estate holdings so there are plenty of alternatives. The issue for me is that my account list is full of depreciable assets and each one of those carries three accounts when I create it QBO (the asset, the asset original cost and the asset accumulated depreciation). One apartment might have 10 depreciable assets (flooring, fixtures, appliance, etc) and each of those = 3 accounts. So now imagine a 6-plex. I can't just combine because the depreciation is based on the time it was put on service for tax purposes. I'm almost at 200 accounts just tracking my assets and that doesn't include the income and expenses I actually need to record. I'm sorry to leave, but this is too risky a relationship for me. 

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