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Non-Discountable Items

Some of our customers receive discounts, some do not.  

Is it possible in QB Desktop to create inventory items that cannot be discounted - ever? 

For example, if I apply a discount code to the entire sales order or invoice, I do not want this item to be included.   I've learned that I can somewhat 'block' the item from receiving a discount by using a sub-total line, but it's not practical (and fast) to do it this way every time.  


I've previously used price lists for select customers, and made sure the items I do not want to ever receive a discount do not, but manually excluding them from a 10% across-the-board discount of 18000+ items is a time-consuming process, and since the list doesn't auto-update when prices change or new items are added into inventory (both of which happen frequently) manually updating these lists becomes too time-consuming.  Not an ideal solution.  I'm looking for a better one.  


Does this exist?  Is it possible?

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QuickBooks Team

Non-Discountable Items

Hi there, CorinneO.


Currently, there's no option to automatically exclude the item when you apply a discount code to the sales order or invoice. 


Creating a sub-total line item and using the price list are the options to set the items to non-discountable Items.


We know how much time it can take when something isn’t working the way you need it, which is why we make great efforts to deliver customer satisfaction at all times.


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You can refer to this article on how to track the products you build using inventory parts: Track the products you manufacture. This also provides details to track your pending builds, check shortages, and more.


Please check this article on how you can easily keep track of your sales and expenses using predefined customer, job, and sales reports: Customize customer, job, and sales reports in QuickBooks Desktop


Please know that you're always welcome to post if you have any other concerns. Wishing you and your business continued success.

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