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owners name in address on check

Many do not like the contact name in the vendor file to be shown as the 1st line of the address on a check.

We must enter the owner's name in QBO for the IRS requires the name of the single-member/sole proprietor to be on line 1 of the 1099 & the business name on line two.

We want the business name to be who the check is made payable to so the bank will deposit the check in the business account.  We want the business name in the address to the check gets correctly delivered.


With that said, the name of the owner should not print as the 1st line in the address on a check.


As stated above people do not like this.

Please update QBO to not include the contact person's name in the mailing address that prints on the check.


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owners name in address on check

Thanks for reaching out to us regarding this QuickBooks feature, Jane.


It is a default action in QuickBooks to add the vendor name above the address in a bill. We recognize the need to have an option to exclude them automatically, however, this feature is not introduced yet.


I want you to know that the changes in the program are released based on certain several factors. We're unable to provide the turnaround time on when new features are released in QuickBooks, since this is handled by the Developers Team.


Please know that you can share your suggestion within the program through sending a product feedback. Follow the steps below in a web browser:


  1. Click the Gear icon and choose Feedback.
  2. Enter your suggestion for our engineers on the Feedback box.
  3. Once done, press Next to send it.


The workaround at the moment is to remove the name manually as you create the bill. 


If you need further help with the processes and features in QBO, please let me know in the comment below. I'll be right here to share some more information about QuickBooks tasks. Have a nice day!

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owners name in address on check

Removing the person's name from the vendor file is not what I have time for & the client doesn't want to me work inefficiently.  The reason I wrote the original message & many, many others that I send to feedback is to request program improvements that saves businesses time & money.

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owners name in address on check

Contact's name in address on vendor check

I recommended QBO make this enhancement before & now it is a BIG issue.

Many businesses are run out of their home & the home address is the business mailing address.

The business owner has her personal mail forwarded to AZ.  So the check that we paid to the business that was to be delivered to WI was delivered to AZ.

Please do not print the owner’s name in the address area on a check. FIX THIS. This situation wasted an immense amount of time & made the vendor angry on top of it all.

Who has the time to make a list of vendors that had the owner’s name removed from the name line in QBO in order to write checks & to put it back when it’s time to do 1099’s.

QBO, you can come & work for me in January for free to determine whose names need to be entered back in the name fields before 1099’s are issued

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