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Parent Company wants to see multiple Sub Companies as line items on 1 Invoice

I have a parent customer that only wants 1 invoice for their 7 sub companies vs. getting 7 different invoices. The parent would be the Bill To / Ship To, but they want to see the subs as separate line items in the invoice. Is this possible? If not, how you recommend addressing the issue? I know I can create the line items and then edit the Description of each line, but then I won't get any reports by sub customer, only by the parent customer. 

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Parent Company wants to see multiple Sub Companies as line items on 1 Invoice

It's nice to see you here today, @SY450,


I can share some insights about creating invoice with sub-customers in QBO.


Adding your sub-customers in the invoice line items is currently unavailable in QBO. You can only add your product or service items on the sales form.


As an option, you can create multiple invoices for each sub-customer then issue a statement to let them know their account balance details. This summarizes your customer's account for a particular period. The line items on the report represent sales transactions, credits, and payments.


To create statements for your customers:

  1. Tap the Plus icon (+).

  2. Choose Statement.
  3. Select the clients you want to create the statement.
  4. You can click Print or Preview at the bottom or select Save and close when you're done.

Another option is using a third-party application that is compatible with QuickBooks Online to create your custom invoices. You can check our applications website to find one: QuickBooks Apps


Feel free to add a comment if you have any other questions about QuickBooks invoicing. Have a good day!

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Parent Company wants to see multiple Sub Companies as line items on 1 Invoice

I have the same issue - wish there was a way to do this!


Parent Company wants to see multiple Sub Companies as line items on 1 Invoice

The option to add a sub-customer or companies in your invoice line items is a great idea, @Wendi!


I recognize your need for this feature and I don't want this fantastic idea ignored. Thus, I'd recommend sending product feedback about it. This way, our developers can review this and consider adding the said feature in the next release.


Please follow along below to send feedback:


  1. Click the Gear icon at the top, and then choose Feedback.
  2. Enter your comments or product suggestions, like "I want to add a sub-customer or companies in the invoice line items."
  3. You can also attach a photo to emphasize your concern, and then select Next.
  4. Click Send message when you're ready.
  5. You can track your feature requests through our QuickBooks Online Feature Requests website.


Meanwhile, you can follow the suggestions provided by my peer above to create a statement. Otherwise, you'll need to look for a third-party app to make this process possible.


I have another workaround for you as well. You'll want to use the invoice Description field or utilize the class tracking feature. This way, you can indicate the sub-customers or companies on them.


To enable the class tracking feature:


  1. Click the Gear icon, and then choose Account and settings.
  2. Select the Advanced tab, and then go to the Categories section.
  3. Tick the Track classes radio button.
  4. Click Save, and then Done.

After that, you can create classes for your sub-customers or companies. Then, select them as line items under Classes in your invoices.


Also, you'll want to visit our QuickBooks Blog page to keep up with the current cascades and product developments. When you're ready, you can enter invoice payments in QuickBooks to keep your records up-to-date and organized.


Stay in touch with me if you've got other invoice-related concerns. I'd be here to extend a helping hand.

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Parent Company wants to see multiple Sub Companies as line items on 1 Invoice

Glad you think this is a good idea because I need it too (and honestly thought this was a current feature).  I invoice time on multiple projects to one client under one purchase order - so they only want one invoice.  I think I understand the work around but will have to reclassify approved time to make it work.  Just wanting to add my voice.  Thanks

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