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Past Due Invoices

We have several customers that have past due invoices.  Is there any notification system that can be engaged that if you go to process a new order for the customer, it will alert you that there are past due invoices.  Right now, we are going to reports to list all of the past due customers, but the person processing the order has to remember to do that.  It would be nice to have that automated with an alert.  We use Enterprise 2019 Manufacturing and Wholesale.  Thanks


Re: Past Due Invoices

Thanks for the details, Pyruvate.


The option to notify you for past due invoices is unavailable in QuickBooks. What you've been doing (pulling up the report) is the workaround for this one.


I'd agree that it would be good to have this alert option added to the application. Rest assured, I'll share this idea to our developers. This way, they'll review and it might be added to our future updates.


Feel free to reach out to me if you still need my help with your QuickBooks application.

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Re: Past Due Invoices

OK, thank you for the quick reply

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