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Permissions Issue

I am getting an error when trying to give an employee access to run a report under:


Reports > Customers & Receivables > Open Invoices


The error I am getting:


"This report will only display transaction types that you are permitted to view and report may go out of balance. Contact your QuickBooks administrator if there are additional transaction types you need to access."


The report then runs, but I suspect there might be issues. The problem is I have this user set up as a "Customers and Receivables" user with the exception of View Credit Card Numbers. I also have everything checked in the reports section that seems to make sense. 


I can't find where to give the user permission to eliminate this error coming up. 

Any ideas? Thanks!


[ Using QB 2019 Manufacturing & Wholesale ]

QuickBooks Team

Re: Permissions Issue

Hi there, JoeE.


For the employee to open the report, you'll need to provide the employee access to both Accounts Receivable and Sales. Here's how:


  1. Go to the Company window, scroll-down to Set up Users and Passwords, and then click Set Up Users and Roles.
  2. Highlight the name of the user and click Edit User.
  3. Make sure that Accounts Receivable and Sales are added under the Assigned Roles column.
  4. Click OK.

Once done, proceed to the Role List tab and make sure that there are enough access to the Customers and Receivables and Sales area of reports. Please follow these steps:


  1. Select Accounts and Receivables under Roles.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Select Reports under Area and Activities.
  4. Provide Full or Partial access to Customers and Receivables and Sales
  5. Click OK

After editing the user access, ask the user to run the report to check if everything is already good to go. Let me know if you have other questions.


user access.PNG user access 2.PNG

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Re: Permissions Issue

Hi JenoP,


Thanks for responding. My permissions role screen looks completely different than yours, with numerous options. See image. Not sure what to select as I have tried customer receivables, reports, etc. I don't just want to select everything because I don't want the user to have access to areas that are financially sensitive - only to view open invoices.




QuickBooks Team

Re: Permissions Issue

Hi there, @JoeE,


I appreciate you for taking the time to add a screenshot on how you set up a role for a user.


I'd be glad to help you with this. Aside from the Sales role created for your staff, you also need to add the Accounts Receivable role in the list. Then, set this role to View only and unselect other sensitive areas. 


Please see the sample screenshots attached below for your guidance.
viewonly.PNG userroles.PNG


I've also added this article to learn more about Quickbooks users and their roles: QuickBooks Desktop Users and Restrictions.


Let me know if there's anything else you need and I'll get back to you.

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Re: Permissions Issue




Yes this is the issue I am having. I am granting full access under reporting and Accounts Receivable and I am still getting the message. The message pops up once you hit the OK button the report does display, and looks correct, we think, but can't be sure moving forward because if it excludes items then that would be an issue. 


_QB1.png _QB2.png _QB3.png

QuickBooks Team

Re: Permissions Issue

Thanks for getting back to me, @JoeE.


The pop-up message is a simple reminder since the user doesn't have a full access on your account. The total amount should be equal to the admin's report.


However, if there are transactions tied up with another account, then those will not appear in the AR report.


Should you need anything else, don't hesitate to update me in this thread. I'm always around here in the Intuit Community to help.

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