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Persoal transactions in QBSE

I made some "personal speding" transactions in my business bank account throughout the year.

When entering those "personal" transactions into QBSE I marked them as perosnal (like I should

Where are those "personal spending" transactions on the report "profit and loss"?

My concern is, the profit and loss says my net income is 20k (hypothetical) well do I now add those transactions that I applied to "personal spending" to that net income number OR? 

In even other words, where do the "personal spending" transactions get applied specifically in QBSE? Are they even applied? Do I need to do something extra with them? They do not show up on the profit and loss report that I can tell anyway?

I am so confused and not sure why I am not understanding this simle concept...brain fart maybe? lol please help????

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Persoal transactions in QBSE

Hi there, Legalgalx1,


Let me help share information about how QuickBooks Self-Employed works.


QuickBooks Self-Employed is specifically designed to track business income and expenses to help estimate taxes and file the Schedule C form at year end. This is the reason why manually entered transactions are automatically set for business and cannot be changed.


The things that you can do in QuickBooks Self-Employed are the following:


  •     Organize your business spending
  •     Maximize your business deductions
  •     Claim a mileage deduction by tracking business miles you drive
  •     Help you figure out your business profit
  •     Get your estimated tax payments calculated for you
  •     Put your expenses into the correct Schedule C categories
  •     Export your records to an easy-to-read Schedule C
  •     Connect to TurboTax for fast year-end filing

As for the Personal transactions you've tracked, what we can do is you can export all your Personal Transactions via Transactions page then filter the Type to Personal.


For more information on what you can do in QBSE, you can check out our community page:


If you have further questions concerning QuickBooks Self-Employed, please feel free to visit us again.

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