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Physical Inventory

I am performing a physical inventory of one of our stores. I downloaded all the scans.

When I do a difference report it only shows differences for those items that were scanned.

When I do a detail report it only shows differences for those items that were scanned.

What report can I do to show if something is expected but not scanned, therefore missing?

If I update it and set counts to zero I will never know what is missing from the items not scanned

but expected. I have done this before for many years so I think the system is not working correctly.


Please advise



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QuickBooks Team

Physical Inventory

Thanks for allowing us to help, @Wishandshoes


QuickBooks Point of Sale, process and verify or connecting the on-hand item quantities in your inventory by doing a physical count. To learn more about the process of performing Physical inventory, you can check out this article: Perform a physical inventory.


To verify why these items are not showing up, you'll need to ensure that the date field of the report that you pulled up is correct.


I've also added here some articles that you can visit about managing the Inventory report and fixing common inventory accounting issues in POS and QBDT: 

Please let me know if I can be of any additional assistance. I'm always here to help. Have a wonderful rest of your day!

Level 2

Physical Inventory

Hi GraceC but please look at my questions. They were not answered.

I have been doing the physical inventory for 5 years with no issues until recently. 

See screen shot. I should be seeing item number 100075 in a report as missing before I update inventory.

Anything that is not counted but expected is not showing up as missing. You should be able to see that

to fix before setting all counts to zero and changing inventory.

No report is showing what is missing or different unless an item was counted in someway.

example: If that 100075 showed 2 in inventory and we counted 1 then it would show up on the reports.  


Please have tech support call us when you are open again.    


QuickBooks Team

Physical Inventory

I'd love to help you with while working with physical inventory, @ Wishandshoes.


Did you apply the changes after hitting set all items not counted to zero? The negative and positive inventory usually shows up if you failed to save it. 


I've added an article to learn more about the process of performing Physical Inventory for QuickBooks Point of Sale: Perform a physical inventory.


Please follow the steps below to contact our customer support team.


Contact QuickBooks Support:


1. Click the link to head to the Official Intuit Contact page.

2. Select the QuickBooks Desktop.

3. Choose Point of Sale.

4. Select Working in QuickBooks.

5. In section 2, Here's how to connect with a QuickBooks expert and click Get Phone Number.


Keep me posted if you need further help. I'll always be around to help.

Level 2

Physical Inventory

Thanks Maryann but again nobody is looking at my questions and answering them.

I have tried to call and you are closed......not taking calls at this time on any number I have tried.

That is why I chose this route to get some answers quicker.

I guess I will have to wait till the call enter opens.



Anna S
QuickBooks Team

Physical Inventory

Good afternoon, @Wishandshoes.


I can assure you the best way to get in contact with our Point of Sales team is by following the steps @MaryAnn_E provided above. I confirmed that the number does work, and their hours of operation are Monday through Friday 6 am - 6 pm PST and closed on the weekends. You can also try the chat option on the same page as their contact number to get in touch with their team.


Feel free to let me know if you get in touch with them. I'll keep an eye out for your response.

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