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Point of Sale (POS) Client computers periodically lose connectivity with the Server and can't reconnect.

We have an ongoing issues with Quickbooks Point of Sale (POS) where periodically POS client workstations lose connectivity with the server.  Once this happens we have found no way to get the client computers to reconnect on their own, including by rebooting and renaming the WSActivity.xml as suggested in one article.  The only workarounds we have found are to  either going to single user mode and back to multi-user, or to switch to a another DB then back again.  However, these are increasingly inconvenient workarounds, as it requires staff at working registers to all quit POS, while implementing the above workaround, as while this used to happen maybe only monthly it has become more frequent including happening the last three days in a row, and today more than once.


We really need to find out the root cause of this issue as we cannot continue on like this for much longer.


If this helps, 1) the network itself is solid, and the clients never actually lose network connectivity to the POS server as the POS server is also the file and printer server for these workstations and those functions continue uninterrupted, and 2) once one POS station disconnects, if you go to another workstation that is still working and click on File, then Company Operations, even the working workstations are unable to locate the server (yet they continue working).  This makes be believe that perhaps some service on the server that advertises the existence of the server to the workstations just quits working.


Hopefully some Intuit developer familiar with the Sybase back-end sees this and can tell me how to resolve, or at least further troubleshoot my issues.   I am working on getting network traces now.


Please, and thanks  . . .

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Re: Point of Sale (POS) Client computers periodically lose connectivity with the Server and can't reconnect.

Hello IQ!

Here is a video playlist on different things to try for the this issue.

Specifically, I believe you should pay attention to video #2, having to do with the POS Database Manager Service, and how it runs on windows.

QuickBooks POS Client Connection Troubleshooting Videos


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