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Preprinted Payables checks and stub alignment

Is there a way to change the alignment on the STUB of a payables check?  The check portion is aligned properly, but by the time it prints the 2nd stub (check, stub, stub) the date and vendor info is running into my company name which is preprinted on the stock.  Using Deluxe check stock.

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Preprinted Payables checks and stub alignment

Yes, there is BargeProperties. I can help you align your checks in QuickBooks Online (QBO).


You can fine-tune your printed page's alignment to match your pre-printed forms. Here's how:

  1. On the Print checks setup window, tap No, continue setup twice to be on the Adjust Alignment Screen.
  2. Drag the grid inside the large square to the place where it appears on your printout. 
  3. From this position, QuickBooks Online determines how to adjust the alignment and changes the Horizontal and Vertical offsets as necessary.
  4. After adjusting the grid, print a sample. If necessary, continue changing until the alignment is accurate.
  5. Select View preview and print sample in the lower left.
  6. Hit the Print icon at the top right.
  7. If you still need to do some fine-tuning, close the sample and return to the grid to make adjustments, then print.
  8. Click Finish Setup once everything looks good.

For more information about how your checks print and how to fix alignment for preprinted checks, see below links:

Fill me in if you have additional questions when printing checks in QBO. I'm always here to help. Take care, and have a lovely day.

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Preprinted Payables checks and stub alignment

Thanks.  I've done this.  The CHECK portion is properly aligned.  It is the 2nd STUB (at the bottom of the page) that is the problem.  If I align the 2nd stub, the check will no longer be aligned.  I'm asking if there is a way to align the 3 portions (check, stub, stub) individually.  See attached.


Preprinted Payables checks and stub alignment

Allow me to take over and help you set up the alignment when printing checks, BargeProperties.


In QuickBooks Online, you need to use voucher-style pre-printed check stock, with the check on the upper third and a stub in the bottom two thirds. 


Your 3-part check won't align since it's no longer supported in the system. I suggest using QuickBooks compatible checks for your daily transactions.


You can order through QuickBooks Checks & Supplies. Just hover your mouse's pointer on the Phone icon to get the number. Or check for a third-party solutions that QuickBooks offers. 


Here's also another way of setting up the alignment in QuickBooks Online: Align preprinted paychecks.


Stay in touch with me if you need additional information about printing checks. I'm always right here to help

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