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Pricing in Quickbooks Desktop Premier

I have an engineering business that manufactures different products for customers. Prior to Quickbooks, my company used a pricing system where we had different categories (stock, plating, engineering, setup, inspection etc.) that were that were divided into two categories: expenses and time.

For expenses: we calculated the total expense of what it would cost to complete the job (direct materials, tools that we need to buy, etc.) , and divided this sum by the quantity ordered to get unit price.

For time: we calculate the total time it would take for us to manufacture one item in the order and multiply this by an hourly rate we create for the customer.

Price = Expenses + (Time x Hourly Rate)


The per unit price can be multiplied by quantity to get the total cost.


My question is does Quickbooks Desktop Premier have an advanced pricing options that would allow us to do this rather than having to do this in excel like we have done before?


I do not want to have to calculate a unit price for each item in excel and then paste that into quickbooks especially if orders can have 10 or 20 items where this needs to be calculated.


As of right now, I can only see a unit price option, but I want to be able to calculate the unit price in excel that shows up on the estimates, sales orders, and invoices.


Thank you

QuickBooks Team

Pricing in Quickbooks Desktop Premier

I'd like to share some information, kandmengineering.


For setting up a pricing system for the different categories of your items in QuickBooks Desktop Premier, you will have to do it manually in Excel.


The advance pricing feature is available only to QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. You'll want to upgrade your subscription. I've got these articles for more information:


Please feel free to add a comment if you have any additional questions or other concerns. We are always around to help you some more. Take care and stay safe.

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Pricing in Quickbooks Desktop Premier


If you are using QBD Premier, you may utilize the Price Level feature. For any update, you may prepare the list in XLS and import them by using an importer tool. 

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