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Print Later suddenly defaults as unchecked on Purchase Orders

Hi all,


I couldn't find a discussion on this in the forums and apologies if this is a duplicate. As of this morning, my purchase order screen does not default to the Print Later box as checked. This is how I keep track of which POs I've submitted versus the ones I am holding for a later date. How do I set the Print Later box to default as checked again? Was there something I may have done that would cause this? Thanks in advance for your help!

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Re: Print Later suddenly defaults as unchecked on Purchase Orders

Hello, Design Theory Hardware.

Let me share some insights about the print later option in QuickBooks Desktop.


QuickBooks Desktop has a sticky setting where it will remember the previous options you set or selected on the purchase order and will continue to use that unless you change it.


To make Print Later option back to default, see steps below:


  1. In the Purchase Order screenmake sure the Print Later box is checked.

  2. Enter the necessary information.
  3. Hit Save and Close.

After that, open a new PO and you'll see that option set to default again.


You may find this article helpful:


Should you need additional assistance about purchase orders in QuickBooks Desktop, please let me know. Have a nice day.