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Printing 1099s

Can anyone answer.... I requested free 1099 forms from the site back in November.  I have been trying to print on QB online and in the past, I have been able to align and print.  Is there some reason that it is not printing correctly this time?


Re: Printing 1099s



The only pre-printed 1099 forms that Intuit guarantees will work with QuickBooks Online are the 1099 kits you order directly from Intuit.


I always recommend efiling 1099's instead though.  Once you efile, you can always print the completed 1099's on plain paper.


Re: Printing 1099s

 You can check the compatibility of your form, Washinu9.


Forms that are purchased from third-party vendors might not be compatible with your printer.


To align and print your 1099 form, please follow these:

  1. Click the Expense tab then choose Vendors.
  2. Select the Prepare 1099s button.
  3. Click the Let's get started or Continue your 1099s button.
  4. Review your company details and then select Next.
  5. Choose the box for payment you made, click Next.
  6. Review your contractor's information and choose Next.
  7. In the Check that the payments add up page, select Finish preparing 1099s.
  8. Choose I'll file myself.
  9. In the Select a form type and print a sample page, click the It doesn't line up button.
  10. You can edit the alignment in the Fine-tune alignment page, then select Next.
  11. Review the form type in the Select a form type and print page then clicks Next.
  12. Once done, click Next.

You can check these articles for your future references:

Let me know how it goes on your end, I'd be happy to help.

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