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ProForma Invoices - Spain

We are converting our Spanish operation to QBO.


They require Proforma Invoice to be sent to customers which become Invoices only at time of payment.(My understanding is that  VAT is only calculated on paid invoices) 

However we would like to track our all the outstanding/pro forma invoices on the age analysis.

The recommended method of creating a pro forma by changing the description on an estimate does not allow this tracking.

What other options are available?


QuickBooks Team

Re: ProForma Invoices - Spain

Hi @Sheltam199,


Great day and thanks for posting here in the Community. We appreciate your interest in choosing QuickBooks Online for your business.


As of the moment, you can only use the Estimate to send a proposal or quote to your customers. You can also track all your outstanding estimates and see if it has been applied to an invoice by running Estimates by Customer Report. Here's how:


1. Click Reports from the left menu.
2. Enter Estimates by Customer in the search box.
3. Select your date range and select Run Report.


You can also click the Customize button and select the Header/Footer if you're trying to change the information of the report such as the title and time prepared.


Learn how to customize reports to fit your business needs by reading through our help article: How to Customize Reports. It also contains hyperlinks to different discussions such as exporting reports to Excel and more.


Feel free to message us again if you need anything else. We're always happy to attend your concern. Have a nice day ahead!


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Re: ProForma Invoices - Spain

Thanks - this is what we are doing. However it does not allow us to track the outstanding amounts due with the age analysis.


What do other companies in Spain do?


Ideally we should have a normal invoice template and change name to pro forma invoice until it is paid and then convert the proforma to a normal Invoice.- Is there a way to do this that is not too cumbersome?





QuickBooks Team

Re: ProForma Invoices - Spain

Welcome back to the Community, Sheltam199.


ProForma Invoice works the same as Estimate. Since this transaction is a non-posting, QuickBooks is unable to track the outstanding balance with the age analysis. 


As a workaround, you can run the Estimates by Customer report as suggested by katherinejoyceO. Then, you can export it to excel. From there, you can manually create a separate aging report based on the create date.

To export it to excel:

  1. Open the Estimates by Customer report.
  2. Customize it to see other details.
  3. Click the Export button. Then, select Export to Excel.



If you have other concerns, you can reply again to this thread.