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Projects and Payroll Costs

My client is depending on QBO Plus Projects giving him an accurate view of costs for Projects and I'm seeing a real problem with QBO being inconsistent in posting payroll costs to projects!


In all cases we are posting specific hours to specific projects in the time sheets prior to running payroll. Some projects are not showing the payroll cost at all. Some projects are showing some of the payroll costs, but not all of them. In one project we have the same employee working on the project over a period of several paychecks > 3 of the 4 paychecks posted to the project, but 1 paycheck did not post to the project. I went back and confirmed that all of the time sheets for all 4 paychecks were entered correctly.


Is this a known issue? 

Do any other QBO users have this issue? 

  *I didn't know we had this issue until my client asked me why some costs from a 7/24 paycheck was not posting to a new project. I have spent 3+ hours now reviewing timesheets and projects & researching. In this review, I discovered this has been going on for the past several months (since we started using Projects) and I didn't know some of the costs were missing. Now I have to go back and tell my client that QBO Projects cannot be trusted to consistently record costs!!??


Please advise...


Thank you.

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Projects and Payroll Costs

Hi, LRCBusiness.


I see the duplicate post of your concern. I've already responded and shared some information on this issue.

Please check this link for your reference:

The Community is always here to help you out. Don't hesitate to drop a reply below.

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