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QB crashes when Learning Center window opens

Running very old QB Enterprise 10 on Server 2016 which has been working fine until recently.  When users login, the Learning Center window opens immediately and this crashed QB.  This doesn't occur for the admin user so I know it's not a company file issue, but rather the functionality of the window/Learning Center.

I can't find any way to disable the Learning Center from launches for users.  Newly created users have the same issue.


Any ideas on how to work around this?

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QuickBooks Team

Re: QB crashes when Learning Center window opens

Hello there, @HDClown.


Since your running old QB Enterprise, I suggest repairing your QuickBooks Desktop to get this issue fixed. Let me guide you with the steps.


  1. Restart your computer to close unnecessary programs interfering with QuickBooks.
  2. Back up your QuickBooks company file.
  3. Click Start and then Control Panel.
  4. Select Programs and Features. If necessary, choose Uninstall a program.
  5. Choose QuickBooks in the list of programs and choose Uninstall/Change.
  6. Hit Continue, then Next.
  7. Select Repair then Next. Wait for the Repair to complete.
  8. Click Finish.
  9. Then, restart your computer if prompted.

If you receive an error message such as Files in use during the repair, please follow these steps to complete the repair: 


  1. Select Ignore (reboot required), then OK.
  2. You might have to click Ignore several times. The repair should continue.
  3. If the Ignore button is unavailable, select Close. After the Repair, restart the computer.

Once done, it'll disable the Learning Center from launching.


In case you need tips and related articles in the future, visit our QuickBooks Community help website for reference: QBDT Self-help.


Keep me posted if you need anything else. I'm always right here to help you.