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QB Desktop to QBO

Looking to transition from QB Desktop Enterprise to QBO.  We are also changing from Fishbowl to SOS Inventory around the same time.  To setup our new inventory system for user testing we need to have customers and vendors in the system.  SOS support said that it is easiest to load vendors and customers from QBO, but we will only have that once we do the migration.  In this scenario I would also have to integrate QBO to Fishbowl until SOS is ready to implement.  My real question here is if I take a backup file from QB desktop and upload it to QBO and connect to SOS, would I be able to load another QB desktop backup file again in the future in order to get the most up to date information?  Or is there a way to just load in customers and vendors into QBO to connect to SOS then disconnect and connect with Fishbowl?


Thank you,


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QB Desktop to QBO

Hello there, Nick. 


There are a few considerations when converting QuickBooks versions from Desktop to Online due to feature differences. It's possible that the applications we have might not be as well compatible with our QuickBooks Online account.  You can directly call from SOS and Fishbowl support for them to walk you through the integration and limitations. 


You can check this article for more details: What to expect when you switch from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online. Yes, we'll still have all our data in our QuickBooks Desktop company file as long as we saved a backup before converting.


Before we start converting our accounts, let's update QuickBooks Desktop to its latest release. You might also want to try our QBO trial accounts to see to it that the converted file is what we want to see. Then, we can follow the steps given by this article to walk you through the conversion: Move your QuickBooks Desktop file to QuickBooks Online


If you need more help, you can always leave a reply. Take care always!

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QB Desktop to QBO

Make sure your Total Target in your current QBW file is less than 350K. Hit f2 key or ctrl+1 to check the size. If it shows > 350K, you have to condense the file prior migrating to QBO Plus or Advanced.




You may have 2 options to update your QBO data later:

1. Do a first data migration to QBO as trial and connect it to SOS. Then do a second data migration to QBO to replace the first one completely.


2. Consider dual bookkeeping for the time being (e.g 30 days). Utilize TP Exporter for QBD to export the data out to XLS and TP Importer for QBO to import the data.



Fiat Lux - ASIA
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QB Desktop to QBO


One of our clients just finished their migration from QBD Premier + an inventory maangement app to QBO Plus + SOS Inventory. They have some points to share:

* Make sure the online account is created first and that you have inventory tracking turned off. Also stop it from turning it on during the conversion load.




* With Fishbowl you would start your new QuickBooks Online account with base info (chart of accounts, terms, etc) and inventory tracking turned off in the settings.


* Either entry, you would then connect a new SOS account to the online account for the initial sync.


* For QuickBooks migration, all data flows from Online to SOS and you just need to finish the setup.


* For the Fishbowl move, you would need to upload any customers, vendors, and items directly into SOS using the bulk edit process. See the Users Guide for more on data import page 156.


To start the 14-days trial or purchase a plan, click the following link

Should you decide using SOS Plus or SOS Pro, you may get up to 10%/month for 12 months. Send your email address in a private message to us to get the Promotion Code.  


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