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QB Point of Sale - is there a max item count for Inventory price list uploads?

Hi using the QB Inventory template - we have issues when I upload - it doesn't always take the first, second or sometimes the third time. If I upload a file that contains multiple cells (MSRP, ITEM, UPC, and 5 more, etc) - the first round, it may only take three of the cells, then I have to do it again, and then it usually captures all of them. I am curious if there is a maximum amount? Last night I needed update my candy inventory. The excel pricesheet has over 4,000 line items. I've now tried to upload this template 4 times, and it only accepts partial data. I noticed that the error started happening around the 2000 item mark. Is there a max upload capacity? Unfortunately, the UPCs were copied incorrectly by the supplier, and every single item has the wrong UPC. We've been trying to upload the correct sheet, and no avail. Thank you !!

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QuickBooks Team

Re: QB Point of Sale - is there a max item count for Inventory price list uploads?

Let me provide information about importing/exporting data in QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale, @Bonkers.


If you have difficulty in importing some specific columns/information from your spreadsheet, ensure that the column cells are formatted correctly to work with the Data Import wizard.


For a smooth import using Excel, you can check these:


  • There should be no dashes in empty excel fields
  • Remove empty rows and columns
  • Delete hidden columns
  • Don't use formulas, hyperlinks, and special characters i.e.: @,#,$,%,&,*
  • Use “clear contents” instead of deleting info separately

In addition, you may need to break large lists into smaller sections to import/upload the transactions/lists more smoothly. The larger the file the longer it may take to upload.


To learn more, you can check this article: QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale: Import and Export overview.


You can also get in touch with POS support if you need further assistance to check this further securely. For the support's contact information, you can check it here: POS Customer Resource Center.


Feel free to drop a post if you have any other questions about uploading lists. I'm just a few clicks away to help.

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