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QBP 2019 IIF import Issue

After I installed QBP 2019, when I set up the IIF for DEPOSIT transactions, the NAME doesn't populate the Payee field in the Checking account. It did in the previous version of the software.


All other types of transactions that allow NAME entry in this field do populate the NAME, and it does populate the NAME in the DEPOSIT transaction when entered in the MEMO field of the transaction, so I know it's not the format of the entry.


Has anyone else experienced this problem? Any suggestions?



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QBP 2019 IIF import Issue

Yes, it doesn't do that anymore.  The new routine ignores the name on the banking line of the deposit.  It does a lot of worse things as well.


This really isn't so bad as you're getting the same results you get when you use the deposit form to create a deposit.


Still, to work around this and most of the many other issues the new import has created, see BRC - QuickBooks 2019 IIF Import Changes and Recommendations

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